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Geordie Shore Spoilers: Watch Vicky Pattison’s final goodbye here! (VIDEO)


We knew it was coming, but even having had time to prepare did not make it any easier for us to watch the clip below of Vicky Pattison announcing her decision to leave Geordie Shore for good!

As we reported several weeks ago, original cast member Vicky made the decision to leave the show that launched her career to spend more time being a normal girlfriend to new man James.
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Geordie Shore spoilers: Is it all over between Gary & Charlotte? And Aaron & Marnie?

geordie shore gaz charlotte 1

So, last night’s episode of Geordie Shore saw a very unexpected turn of events as the newly rekindled romance between Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby came to a shaky end, and not in the way you would have expected it to either!

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Geordie Shore Spoilers: Gaz is up to old tricks and Holly upsets Kyle with a plastic vagina! VIDEOS

geordie shore fight

Oh dear, we knew it wouldn’t last!

Fans of Geordie Shore have been watching the new series through their fingers as the train crash that is the on-off-on again relationship between Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby took a rocky turn or three yet again.
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Coming Soon! Geordie Shore gets festive In ‘A Parsnip In A Pear Tree’ VIDEO


Ah, nothing says Christmas like a gang of drunken Geordies singing about one of their cast mate’s genitals!

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Geordie Shore: ‘Psycho’ Charlotte Crosby returns & streaks through a car park!

geordie shore charlotte treaking

Last night saw the return of one of our favourite Geordie Shore characters, Psycho Charlotte, but sadly, she didn’t stay very long at all.

Fans of the hit MTV reality show will know that Psycho Charlotte is the alter-ego of show original Charlotte Crosby, who explodes in jealous rages over the continual bad boy habits of her long-term friend with benefits, Gary Beadle.
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Geordie Shore spoilers! Charlotte Crosby FURIOUS as Gaz Beadle moves on with another girl!


Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle might have seemed to be back to the good old, loved up days on last week’s episode of Geordie Shore, but don’t expect the romantic bliss to last for long reality TV fans.

The on/off couple were very much on during the last instalment of the hit MTV show, but this week things are set to take a fiery turn, when Char catches her man flirting with another girl.

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Geordie Shore: Gary & Charlotte practically married? Marnie & Scotty T back together? It’s all go!

geordie shore gaz charlotte 2

So, last night’s Geordie Shore shed more light on the surprising development in the never-ending saga that is Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby’s relationship – It would seem that they are pretty serious this time round.

In fact Charlotte Crosby says they are practically married – But what does Gaz think?
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Geordie Shore spoilers: Marnie clashes with Vicky Pattison & Aaron’s jealous of Scott!

geordie shore queen v 2

Half way through another explosive season, these Geordies show no sign of slowing down, delivering a full dose of their usual wild antics of necking on, getting mortal and having almighty bust ups as MTV’s biggest and most shocking reality show, Geordie Shore continues.

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Geordie Shore: Gaz Beadle & Charlotte Crosby forever? Cast spill….

geordie shore series 9 3

We have to admit that when we saw Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle locking lips during the last episode of Geordie Shore, we were shocked!

The pair have kept the viewers hooked for years over their love-hate on/off/on again relationship with more bust ups, screaming and physical fights as a result of their love erupting than some wars.
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Geordie Shore spoilers: Gaz Beadle & Charlotte Cosby launch sex toy range!


Sex toys are outselling mobile phones as Christmas presents, influenced by the 50 Shades phenomenon, according to KNKY – a new range of vibrators, launched this week.

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On/off Geordie duo Gary Beadle and Charlotte Cosby have put their names to the KNKY range of smart sex toys, designed for the Tinder generation.

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