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Vicky Pattison says Geordie Shore house is haunted, but the ghost is the least of her issues…


Fans of MTV’s Geordie Shore will no doubt know that Vicky Pattison has quit, and has therefore moved out of the house the show’s stars share.

But it seems there’s not a whole lot she’s going to miss about it, as not only has she branded some of her housemate co-stars as “disgusting”, she also reckons the house is haunted… Read more & comment »

Who’s on I’m A Celebrity 2014? Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison & pigs heads?

vicky_pattison-ex on the beach

Only this morning we reported that Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison is leaving the hit MTV show and now we may have the reason why.

The brunette beauty has become a hit with reality TV fans over the past four years, even starring in her own dating show over the summer and it seems she could be about to move to a main stream channel to continue her assault on the British viewing public.

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Geordie Shore Spoilers: Aaron and Scott declare war and Vicky Pattison has QUIT!

geordie sire s9 w1

It’s finally here, the day all Geordie Shore fans have been waiting for, the day when series 9 finally lands on our telly boxes, and what a treat we are in for, if the first episode is anything to go by.

Now, nobody can say any of the cast are fading wallflowers, so when we report about a fight, which let’s face it happens on a daily basis, you know it’s a biggie!
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Queen Vicky Pattison leaves Geordie Shore! Her best one liners!

Vicky pattinson ex on the beach

She’s the self-proclaimed ‘Geordie girl with a VIP edge’ and also Queen of the witty one-liners, so as we prepare to bid farewell to the one and only Vicky Pattison, let’s take a look back at the Top 10 quotes from her time on Geordie Shore.

1. “This is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship, and I’m f**king in charge” 

Vicky’s always been Queen of the house, and she knows it … Well someone’s got to whip those Geordies into shape and Vicky’s certainly not afraid to do it. 

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Geordie Shore spoilers: Vicky Pattison quits! INTERVIEW

vicky_pattison-ex on the beach

There’ll be no more tashin’ on, getting mortal or bucking for Vicky Pattison – well at least not in the Geordie Shore house! Today, MTV sadly announced that Vicky will be leaving Geordie Shore for good. Vicky’s hilariously witty observations about fellow cast members will be sorely missed, including such comments as: “She’s really really irritating. Really annoying. She’s like thrush!”

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Geordie Shore Spoilers: Gaz Beadle & Charlotte Crosby having babies?

geordie shore series 9 1

We had hoped that when we heard this rumour yesterday it was just a sneaky marketing ploy to get us to all tune in to the new Geordie Shore series next week, but now it seems that it is true… Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby are an item again!

Fans of the hit MTV reality show will know that these two put the tile in volatile when they embarked on a relationship when the show first began a few years back.
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Geordie Shore Series 9 Spoilers: Gaz and Charlotte “all over each other” says Vicky Pattison!

geordie shore series 9 2

We couldn’t be more excited about the new series of Geordie if we tried, so this news may just tip us over the edge!

New Queen of the Geordie Shore house, Vicky Pattison has revealed that in the new series, which is due to hit our MTV screens a week Tuesday (October 28), two of the housemates have been “all over each other!”
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Geordie Shore Spoilers: Meet Lady Vicky Pattison of Wansley Manor! Official name change!

geordie shore queen v 2

We don’t know about you but we simply cannot wait for the new series of Geordie Shore to arrive, especially knowing that there is a big twist this series.

As we have previously reported the new series, which is due to hit our MTV screens later this month, will feature show favourite, Vicky Pattison, as head of the household as the gang are introduced to a democracy, or a dictatorship as she puts it.
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Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan talks ‘full on banging’ James Tindale… but he was sh*t!

Holly Hagan

We love a good autobiography, especially from the scamps over at Geordie Shore, because there’s literally no holding back.

Series 9 of the hit reality show is set to kick off later this month, and Holly Hagan is gearing up to release her official autobiography.
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Geordie Shore spoilers: Queen Vicky Pattison makes things awkward for Gaz, Aaron and Marnie

geordie shore queen v 2

MTV’s hit reality show is back and this time Vicky’s in charge!

Series 9 hits our screens on 28th October at 10pm, on MTV and episode one gets things off to a mental start. When Anna appoints Vicky as head of the household, the announcement sends shockwaves through the group with a stunned Charlotte wailing, “It’s like giving Satan a promotion!”

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