Geordie Shore release new clothing line but some of you aren’t too sure…

geordie shore clothes

Geordie Shore has been one of the big reality TV hits of the last few years and now, not content with wreaking havoc all around Europe, the gang have taken things one step further and released their very own clothing line.

We have to admit, when we heard about the clobber, we were expecting push up bras and peephole t shirts for the girls, with tight white vests and possibly some pvc creations for the lads, however it turns out the range is all very sedate and wearable.

The line consists of a number of t shirts and hoodies with slogans such as Bosh, Canny Lass, Lad and On It Like A Car Bonnet and while we wouldn’t wear them out clubbing, they’d be perfect hangover outfits for sure.

The bags start at under £10, t shirts will hit you £17.99 and hooded sweatshirts will set you back a very affordable £28.99.

geordie shore clothes 1

You can pick them up at the Geordie Store here.

We happen to love the range but some of you peeps aren’t too sure about it all and one posted on the official Facebook page saying:

“why anybody would wear these I dont know..losers”

Another tweeted:

geordie shore clothes 2

“I know some people are maaaaad for geordie shore yeah but I beg for you not to take your obsession towards their clothing line”

A third wrote:

geordie shore clothes 3

“They’re bringing a Geordie Shore clothing range out. Anyone caught wearing it will be immediately sterilised. I hope.”

What do you think of the clothes Geordie Shore fans? Leave your comments below….

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