Davina McCall’s husband Matthew Robertson has banned her from casinos in case she gets hooked on gambling!

davina mccall matthew robertson

It’s been revealed today that presenter Davina McCall – who hosts The Million Pound Drop, Got to Dance and new Channel 4 quiz show, 5 Minutes To A Fortune – has been banned by her hubby Matthew Robinson from going to casinos just in case she gets addicted to gambling!

And in fairness, Pet Rescue presenter Matthew has good reason to fear Davina – who of course formerly presented Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother before it moved to Channel 5 to be hosted by Brian Dowling – could become hooked given that in the past, she was addicted to booze and drugs…

That said, she’s been teetotal and off drugs for more than twenty years, but I presume he figures, ‘Why put yourself in temptation’s way?’

Speaking to the Radio Times, Davina said, “I have an addictive personality, so it could prove really dangerous.

“When we were on our honeymoon, my husband Matthew suggested a night in a casino.

“Now Matthew’s the kind of guy who would get 10 £5 chips, play 10 games and then leave…

davina mccall matthew robertson

“I, on the other hand, insisted we put them all on red.

“It didn’t take long for Matthew to realise he needed to get me out of there!

“So that is why I must never step into a casino again.”

Aww bless her! Here’s a look at a recent interview with Davina…

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