Christopher Biggins Saw I’m A Celeb As “High Risk”

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins has admitted that he was seriously nervous about entering the jungle this year, and considered it to be a very risky move.

Biggins told the Daily Mail:

“I could sit back and watch my name slide down the billings, or I could get out there and prove to everyone that I was capable of more. It was high risk, of course it was. My worst fear was being voted out first, and being utterly humiliated.”

However, Biggins knew he had been a hit when he entered the Ivy restaurant last week, and received a standing ovation from the diners.

“The place just came to a halt. Everyone was shouting and cheering. It was quite, quite mad,” he explained. “I was with Joan Collins and even when we were at the table, people were throwing roses. My God, it was amazing.

“Then on Wednesday I was at the comedy awards. Jonathan Ross was telling me how much he loved watching me. Everyone was clapping me on the back. It was quite exhausting.”

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