Friend of lonely Helen Flanagan’s reveals, “She plans to replace Scott Sinclair with a dog” but what’s it like mid-field?!


Apparently, former I’m A Celeb and Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan is so lonely since her split from footballer Scott Sinclair that she plans to get a dog to “replace him.”

She’s also reportedly planning to have a tattoo done of the name she wants to give her daughter, assuming she ever has one that is!

More on that in a moment, but first, the Daily Star quotes a friend of Helen’s as saying, “She and her mum have seen a number of pooches.

“She’s been telling us she plans to replace Scott with a dog.

“Helen’s hoping they’ll get back together but she’s lonely and wants a dog to cuddle up to.”

Well, at least dogs are faithful eh?

helen flangan

On now to the news that Helen – who, as we reported yesterday, features in a new music video – wants to have her daughter’s name tattooed on her neck, and again, the Daily Star quotes her as saying, “I love my Marilyn Monroe tattoo so much, I’d always wanted it.

“My next one is going to be Tiger Rose in big letters across my neck.

“That’s going to be what I name my baby girl one day, it’ll look great.”

Yeah, I’d have to beg to differ that a neck tattoo can ever look great, but hey, maybe that’s just me.

For now, here’s a reminder of Helen in the aforementioned music video…

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