I’m A Celebrity 2012: Dec Donnelly livid at Alex Ferguson for branding Newcastle United “a wee club in the North East”

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You might assume that anyone who moves in the world of football would know that insulting someone’s team by branding them small fry is sure to cause upset to that team’s fans…

But Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson evidently had no qualms about doing just that because he labeled Newcastle United “a wee club in the North East” which has gone down like a lead balloon with Toon Army devotee and TV presenter Declan Donnelly.

Dec, who of course hosts I’m A Celebrity and Britain’s Got Talent with his on-screen partner Ant McPartlin, took to Twitter to blast Ferguson for his remark…

The incident came after the referee in a Boxing Day match made a controversial decision, which Ferguson took exception to.

On Twitter, Dec wrote, “The problem for me and Manchester United is the profile of the club is huge.alex ferguson

“I’m the manager of the biggest club in the world. I’m not like Newcastle — a wee club in the North East.”

Asked about Ferguson’s comment, Dec wrote, “Hmm, politely? Has anyone seen his plot? He seems to have lost it. Majorly.

“Lost huge respect for him, both for his actions during and words after the #nufc game…
thought he was classier than that.

“Obviously not. The beginning of the end methinks.”

TV Biz adds, “Referring to a type of white wine Dec, who signed his posts with his initial D, cheekily added the hashtag: #PinotGrigioWisdom.”

However, a United fan hit back with, “Fergie is a genius!!! Bitter Gerodie.”

To which Dec replied, “He was. And by the way, it’s ‘Geordie’ And it will be ’til I die. D #nufc.”

He added, “Great to see the majority of Man U fans agree that Fergie’s lost the plot.”

Boys and their football!

Here’s a reminder of Dec from 1998 talking fantasy football…

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2 Responses to “I’m A Celebrity 2012: Dec Donnelly livid at Alex Ferguson for branding Newcastle United “a wee club in the North East””

  1. sammy naidoo says:

    Pardew has never achieved like fergie its btr coz u say beggining of the end coz he has something to show for it urs r just words I biliv u r a serious fool

  2. WallsendStu says:

    Why get so upset at the rantings of a grumpy old man, who cares what he thinks like most pensioners they whine and whinge it is a problem as you get old. If he wants to look like an idot let him, jist dont sink to that level.