I’m A Celebrity 2012: Helen Flanagan wants more film roles now she’s had a taste of Bollywood acting!

Fans of I’m A Celebrity will know that former Corrie star Helen Flanagan had a rough time of it in the jungle, and things didn’t improve much when she left the camp and found out how vilified she’d been in the press…

However, having picked herself up and returned to the UK, Helen is now giving thought to what lies ahead, and it seems that she’s keen to pursue a career in movies.

Before she jetted off to Australia to take part in the show, Helen filmed scenes for Bollywood movie The Getaway alongside heartthrob Upen Patel, and it’s an experience she really enjoyed.

She told the Daily Star, “When I left Corrie in February I just wanted a break from acting, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do…

“But when I was offered this part I really liked the script and it was totally different from anything I’d ever done before.

“I feel lucky to be able to work with Upen. He’s a sex symbol in India and he is a very charming guy.”

Of her role in the film, Helen explained, “I play a femme fatale, she’s strong and powerful and she always gets what she wants.

“It reminded me how much I miss acting. In Coronation Street you are always busy but now, as a freelance actor, it is different.

“Corrie was very stable and it was lovely because of that but I wanted to explore different things…

“When I first met my boyfriend Scott he asked me what my ideal film role would be and I told him I wanted to be a Bond girl. That’s a dream role.”

However, with regard to future work, Helen’s adopting a never-say-never attitude, saying, “You should have a go at everything. If you go with the attitude that you will be typecast, that will happen.

“Because I model and because I go out with a footballer I do think sometimes I won’t be taken seriously but I enjoy modelling so I am being myself.

“If people aren’t going to take me seriously for that they are not right for me, that’s fine.”

The Getaway is due for release at the Cannes Film Festival next year, but for now, here’s a reminder of Helen in the jungle on I’m A Celeb…

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One Response to “I’m A Celebrity 2012: Helen Flanagan wants more film roles now she’s had a taste of Bollywood acting!”

  1. Palomino says:

    Flanagan is so horrible, yes, go away to another Coun try bcause we are all sick of your cowardly selfish ways, you showed yourself up in the Jungle for refusing to do 5 of the Trials knowing that, your friends were starving!!, and them as she walked back to them, said to herself, if thay have a go at me, I,ll have a go back!!!. Disgraceful spoilt , and rotten woman. Please go away and stay away. On the other hand go into the BB House, sparks would fly then, as she would have to cook , clean, wash and dry her own hair, and be nice to people, much nicer than her!!!. Please get her on BB, she may become a much nicer person,but, then on the other hand, blame all her problems on the other House Mates. Would not want to be anywhere near her ever!!