I’m A Celebrity 2012: Nadine Dorries’ daughter says ex-chief whip DID give her the jungle go ahead & Helen Flanagan’s worried Scott Sinclair will dump her!

As fans of I’m A Celebrity will know, Tory MP Nadine Dorries caused outrage in her constituency – and parliament – by taking time off to go into the jungle…

PM David Cameron expressed his annoyance at her actions, and many claimed that Nadine hadn’t had permission from government officials to take part in the ITV1 show.

However, her daughter Jennie told Daybreak viewers that in fact her mother was given permission to take part in the show, by former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell did give her the go ahead.

But a Tory party spokesman says that Jennie is mistaken, saying, “Andrew Mitchell was neither asked nor did he agree to Nadine Dorries going off to Australia.”

Mr Mitchell quit his post last month after swearing at a police officer who was no duty at Downing Street.

And apparently, another I’m A Celeb contestant is worried that she might be in trouble for going on the show…

Helen Flanagan is reportedly very concerned that her boyfriend Scott Sinclair will dump her given that they had a massive row before she left for the jungle.

A show insider told TV Biz, “Scott was against it. He was worried how she’d cope.

“And before she completed the Deadly Deliveries Trial he was being proved right.

“But when it came to the crunch, Helen refused to back down.

“She can be very strong-willed.”

However, Helen might be pleased to know that Scott has been sticking up for her on Twitter.

He recently wrote, “So funny reading all your negative tweets haha and yet u still vote for @helenflanagan1.”

Well she’s proved everyone wrong now – thanks to Dr Sandra Scott apparently – so hopefully all the trial hoo-ha will die down now!

Here’s a recent interview with Scott…

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