I’m A Celebrity 2012: OFCOM investigate ITV over Charlie Brooks’ daughter stunt

'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' TV Programme, Australia - 01 Dec 2012

OFCOM have confirmed that they are to investigate ITV over a task on I’m A Celebrity.

Sixty six viewers complained after Charlie Brooks took part in a challenge which involved her seven year old daughter Kiki. The youngster was brought to the task area and made to wait behind a bush, just feet away from her mum who she hadn’t seen in two weeks.

If Charlie had passed the challenge she would have won the chance to spend a few minutes with her child, but since she didn’t the tot was led away in silence, while Brooks wept in camp.

Brooks later blasted show bosses for involving her daughter in their stunt saying:

“I signed up for this show, but Kiki didn’t. I didn’t want her to be so upset. I had no idea this was happening. It was my lowest point.

“My mum gave the green light for her to be there because it was an opportunity for Kiki to see me – and I think she thought she would.”

charlie brooks

She added:

“Kiki is a princess. I missed her so much.

“That task earlier with the yellow door when I couldn’t speak to her…. I was so upset.”


David Haye, who won third place said: “I can understand putting Charlie through mental torment because she’s getting paid for it. But the fact her daughter was brought into it left a bad taste in her mouth… and everyone else’s.”

Ofcom have revealed that they will now investigate whether ITV took due care to protect Kiki’s welfare.

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