I’m A Celebrity 2012: What happened to Brian Conley? He’s quit after mystery illness

Brian Conely has quit the jungle!

The comedian has left I’m A Celebrity for medical reasons it has been revealed and insiders have reported that the star was rushed out of the camp earlier today.

He reportedly fell ill with a ‘mystery illness’ and required instant medical treatment and will not be returning for the remainder of the ITV series.

Brian has suffered a few breakdowns in camp over the past few days and Twitter users were asking last night where the light hearted and entertaining celebrity had gone, after he lost the plot with David Haye over a fiery log and berated Rosemary Shrager for admitting that she doesn’t like boxing.

It seems that the funnyman may have been struggling with the pressure of it all and it’s reported that he took ill, was rushed to the on site medics, where the decision was made that he needed to be removed from the camp immediately.

Conley has previously suffered from both alcoholism and depression and admitted that after the death of his father, he was prone to anxiety and panic attacks as well as drinking heavily.

However, he had some therapy and insisted he was back on the right path, saying:

“Now, four years on, I’m teetotal. Not drinking doesn’t bother me. The money I spent on therapy was the best couple of grand I’ve ever spent. I feel better, I get up early, I take my daughters to school.”

We can’t help but wonder if the ITV show awoke some of his past demons….

An ITV spokesman confirmed: “Brian Conley has left the jungle for medical reasons.”

Will you be missing Brian? Why do you think he left and who are you backing to win? Leave your comments below…

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28 Responses to “I’m A Celebrity 2012: What happened to Brian Conley? He’s quit after mystery illness”

  1. sue millar says:

    poor brian. panic attacks. real nasty things.

  2. Jake says:

    The rest of the contestants may as well go home now, cos it’s no longer a singing contest with a a circus act still in and a NOTE PERFECT girl going home. Time to turn off .

  3. Jake says:

    Tough Brian, had you down to be in the final days, get well soon … but don’t bother watching X factor ..

  4. Don Williams says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Brian has left the jungle for whatever reason but he is probably best off out of it. this has been the most unwatchable I’m a Celebrity since it started so few trials being done it is not worth watching. The voting viewers need to get a grip and realise what makes it worth while is Celebs actually doing trials not one Celeb opting out. Perhaps this is the demise of the show if it is I sure I could live without it.

  5. Mick M says:

    For goodness sake get a grip. We have brave men and women in our armed services who would love to go home. A lot,( not all )celebs are wrapped in cotton wool.

    • dex says:

      no one wants to hear a peacher. The man left a Tv show as he was ill, people are sad. Accept it and stop putting a downer on it.

  6. linda says:

    get well soon Brian. So sad that you have had to leave, you are so funny. Best wishes.

  7. Tibby McGibby says:

    Who cares, bet he still got his fee. Shocking really that they can just walk out whenever things get a little tough. Do our men in Afghan get to walk out when things get tough?
    Get a grip so called (ex) celebs

  8. Val says:

    I hope Brian gets better soon when celebrity came on tonight I thought I was watching a repeat of last night ?

  9. Tricia says:

    Sad to see Brian go him & Eric were really a good double act. Hope the illness isn’t too severe speedy recovery.
    Will someone please tell Helen to put her boobs away it does nothing for her!

  10. Marie o says:

    Sorry Brian is unwell hopes he gets better soon,Helen done well in the trial where she got 12 stars well done(about time)lol Eric is the most entertaining he well makes me laugh ERIC TO WIN and Hugo to go first he well does my head in,thinks he’s better than everyone else he is a spoilt brat.

  11. suey 61 says:

    I want Rosemary to win she great fun love the pussycat dolls dance think she’s so funny .

  12. george says:

    The show has always been flawed by 1 celeb being picked on by the public. They should be exempt for 3 after doing 1.

    • Donna says:

      Yes I agree it spoilt the show, the public always picking on poor Helen. It is a form of bullying. It has has become the same every year now one celebrity getting picked on to do every single trial, it then then becomes uncomfortable viewing. Some people think the public should get what they want I don’t agree if a celebrity does two trials they should be exempt for the next two or three.

  13. carla says:

    So sorry Brian has gone, he is lovely man who I thought was likely to win. Keep smiling Brian.

  14. Sarah C says:

    In response to the negative comment by TIbby. I care as do many others. Brian has left on medical grounds and is not well. It is not a case of get a grip at all. He is genuinely ill and it is up to the PRODUCERS and STAFF to make the final decision as to what is the best interests of Brian.
    And I see no reason to compare this to soldiers .. If a soldier becomes ill they are given medical treatment. If an everyday civilian becomes ill they are entitled to treatment. Imagine how his family feel. You can’t chose when you are genuinely going to be ill.

    Rosemary to win.

    • Donna says:

      I agree with Don, the show has a duty of care to the celebrities on the show. The older celebrities are usually excempt from the more physical trials, which is only fair the sewer trial would be difficult for Colin and I know there are a lot of older celebrities that would manage the trials , when people have certain health problems. I want to add I really like Colin I have always had a lot of respect for elderly people because my job is caring for elderly people. I will also miss Brian I was going to put a bet on him to win.

  15. James says:

    Well I hope the guy is ok if some of his old demand are coming back he is better of with his family who love him no matter how much money is on offer it not worth becoming poorly again keep the good work up Bryan drink is never the answer as you well know just think how much you love taken your girls to school good luck m8

  16. Tommy B says:

    What a disappointment the show is,and its all the fault of the producers.They should have sent Helen packing after she refused to do the first 2 trials.
    I mean not doing 5 then doing the easiest one of all and only few stars.Where does she think she is for crying out load .IT IS THE JUNGLE.The other guests must be livid and I would not blame them.Producers you are going to lose viewers from now on unless drastic action is taken like get rid of Helen and she should not get the full fee

  17. glenda says:

    plz get that helen OUTTA THERE she drives me nuts with her sqwalking n her “im doing my best” and i give it 100% duz she hekers like, all she duz is pout grrrrrrrrrr and as fer brian get well soon woteva is rong its not easy when u have depression just sad ur not in there u r a remarkable person brian but maybe he got fed up with “her” and not having anything to eat. i certainly wud not have kept my cool with her she wud av ad a rite telling off,

  18. Lynne says:

    I am so sorry Brian went, he would have won I think. Never mind brian as a sufferer of depression etc I fully understand that it was better for you to leave, brave to go in the first place! I know I couldn’t do it! get well soon, the others are mainly a pain in the ass…Eric and Rosemary are just being themselves the others aren’t…one of the funniest things Brian ever did was the audience with..when he walked down the stairs in a suit with his bare ass showing, my mum and dad were in pleats ha ha..very funny man x

  19. darren says:

    Hope brian is ok, if it anxiety attacks i can understand because if you have issues and being in that enviroment it could easierly make you crack up! i know what attacks are like its not what i would want anybody to go through! all the best brian

  20. Anthony says:

    Very sad to hear about Brian leaving. :-( Came as a real shock last night as he seemed ok up until then.
    Get well soon Brian.

  21. Louise Wright says:

    Get well soon Brian. I was only watching it because you were in it and I had every hope you were going to win. Never mind – your health is far more important!! Get well soon

  22. carol fawkner says:

    so sorry to c u go brian hope u feel better soon, i thought u would b in the final three at least, nevermind hope u hav a speedy recovery and enjoy the rest of the australian sunshine before u go home x x x

  23. carol fawkner says:

    u will b missed by the veiwers and ur camp mates as well x x x

  24. Mike Jonah says:

    What a crap show this year!
    Less re-runs Chatting, Commercials & snippets of up coming Trials
    More Trials
    Seems to be cutting Trials down so can chat more BORING
    Either it picks up or like the other reality shows GOOD BYE