I’m A Celebrity: Ugggghhhhhh Christopher Biggins Waxes His Bum!

Christopher BigginsI’m not normally squeamish, but the thought of camper than camp Christopher Biggins getting his bum waxed is making it very difficult for me to hold my lunch down right now!

Last night in the I’m A Celebrity Bush Telegraph Biggins revealed:

“I sugar. It’s a bit like a jelly and a bit like waxing but easier and they put it on and the hairs just come off.

“It’s an old Egyptian thing and I go to a guy in Soho and he sugars my back and he sugars the hair from my nostrils and he sugars my crack and, yeah, it’s good.

“Gives me a good old trim and you come out all fresh.”

He added: “I went just before I came out here because I knew there were lots of creepy crawlies who would come gathering in my wotsits.”

I can tell you one thing, that guy in Soho can’t be getting paid enough to endure that.

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