Peter Andre, who’s keeping vigil at his dying brother Andrew’s bedside, learns Katie Price lawsuit is to go to High Court

UPDATE: Peter’s official website goes offline. Click here to read more.

As we reported yesterday, evil internet ‘trolls’ have been adding to the upset of reality TV star and singer Peter Andre – who is currently keeping vigil at his brother Andrew’s side in a London hospital after he learned that his sibling may have just days to live – by faking reports about Andrew’s death.

And a report in today’s Scotsman is sure to add to Peter’s woes as it’s been reported that a lawsuit filed by his former wife Katie Price has been allowed to go through to the High Court. They of course met and fell in love while appearing on I’m A Celebrity in 2009 together.

Ms Price began proceedings against Peter and her former manager Claire Powell, CAN Associates Ltd., and model Jamelah Asmar earlier this year, claiming that her privacy had been breached by all the named parties after articles appeared in tabloid newspapers about Ms Price’s personal life.

However, Scotsman online adds that Ms Asmar moved to block the case, telling the courts that she believed Ms Price had “published so much material and information about her own private life that any expectation of privacy she had was overridden.”

But yesterday, a judge dismissed Asmar’s application to halt the proceedings, branding the ongoing saga as a “lamentable renewal” of the civil litigation between Price and Andre.

Ms Price filed the £250,000 lawsuit in the High Court last September, three years after she and Peter split.

At the time, a spokesperson for Ms Price told the MailOnline, “Kate is having to continue her claim against her ex-husband; ex-manager and ex-friend for breach of confidence.

“The pleadings in that action speak for themselves and Kate has no comment to add.”

And former manager Claire Powell confirmed the legal proceedings were in process, saying, “We consider that the claim is without merit. The matter is in the hands of our lawyers and will be defended vigorously.”

It hasn’t yet been reported when the case will be heard in the High Court, but of course, given that Peter is currently devoting all his time to supporting Andrew and his family, this news is sure to add to his woes.

Here’s a reminder of Peter and Katie in much happier times…


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5 Responses to “Peter Andre, who’s keeping vigil at his dying brother Andrew’s bedside, learns Katie Price lawsuit is to go to High Court”

  1. Me Here says:

    I used to have a lot of respect for Katie Price. I thought she was quite clever to manipulate and exploit (mostly men) to make her millions. Whilst bringing up her disabled son and without hiding him away. She saw her chance and really went for it.

    Now I think she has gone too far. You do not do yourself any favours by suing the Father of your children, especially as Peter seems quite a nice chap, if not the sharpest knife in the box. She seems to have fallen for the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ line (ask Freddie Starr and Dave Lee Travis if they agree with that!). I would like to point out I do not watch any celebrity TV programmes, read any of the magazines or newspaper articles – I actually really detest them. But you would have to be blind not to see the headlines on the magazine covers, or even the sidebar-of-shame on the DM. There is not a week goes by when KP doesn’t feature somewhere about something, so it would have to be a Judge who doesn’t live in the real world who would find in her favour (surely they no longer exist).

  2. Wendy says:

    I think she still wants to be with him and this is why she wont leave him alone .I don’t think her children will be happy that their mother is suing their father when he is so vulnerable

  3. Louise says:

    Cannot stand this vile woman, poor Peter. Just happy he has the wonderful, balanced, supportive Emily during this time. Katie will always out herself as being evil.

  4. Irene says:

    Why would she do that to Peter and the children it’s not good at all Peter and his family are going thro a lot at this sad time I know becouse my sweet brother has cancer and he is in hospital people need to live in the real world

  5. sandy says:

    why is katie price the bad one for suing peter andre and co he sued her in court and bragged about it to the press after he won…she is the mother of his kids and she is bringing them up as a single parent…petes getting a bit back and wants sympathy….he was washed up before he got with katie ..he made a bit of a name for himself off her and left her with his kids.both as bad as each other.