Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea: Spencer says Binky is fitter than Lucy! Ouch!!!


Now, we are all aware that there is currently no love lost between Made In Chelsea stars Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson, but this latest incident may have taken it to dangerous new levels!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how it was Lucy who dropped ex Spenny right in it with his new girlfriend Lauren after she revealed that he had tried it on with her at a recent American Football game that he had attended with her behind Lauren’s back.
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Made In Chelsea: Sparks fly during End of Season party – Mainly at host Rick Edwards!

mic eosp spencer and lauren 2

Last night saw the cast of Made In Chelsea come together to discuss the antics of the last series – And what a drama-fest it proved to be!

Hosted, as per tradition, by Rick Edwards you would have thought that the cast were used to his mocking and slightly intrusive interviewing skills, but still he managed to get on quite a few nerves!
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Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson hates watching show, especially THAT shower scene with Spencer!

made in chelsea louise thompaosn 1

It’s hard to imagine that anyone from a reality show could cringe at watching themselves on-screen, especially those from Made In Chelsea who would probably be sipping champagne and counting all their money at the same time.

But that is precisely what one of the biggest stars of MIC has revealed!
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Made In Chelsea: Spencer returns to form & Alex Mytton has a new girlfriend!

mic lauren 3

So, last night saw the series finale of Made In Chelsea, which we have to admit was a little on the under-whelming side.

The focus of the episode saw Spencer Matthews facing the rumour mill about an alleged attempt at a hook up with ex Lucy Watson.
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Made In Chelsea spoilers: Is Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens empire in trouble?

jamie laing candy kittens 2

Oh dear, it looks as though Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing won’t be splashing out too much this Christmas as The Sun newspaper reports that his sweet company, Candy Kittens, is in a spot of financial bother!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know that it was early on in the show that Jamie decided to open his own Willy Wonka style sweet shop in the heart of Chelsea.
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Made in Chelsea: Jamie Laing says Spencer Matthews is still in love with Caggie Dunlop!

Spencer and Caggie

So, Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews is all loved up with the woman of his dreams, is he? Not according to BFF Jamie Laing!

As we reported to you earlier in the week, Spenny finally reappeared in the hit E4 reality show this week after several episodes of him missing in action.
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Made In Chelsea: Looks like Steph isn’t keen on Spencer’s new girlfriend!

made in chelsea spencer lauren

We had wondered for ages just what had happened to Spencer Matthews in Made In Chelsea, and last night, we got our answer as it transpired that he’s been busy courting a new lady!

Spenny rocked up at the very beginning of last night’s episode to tell pals Jamie Laing and Andy Jordan that he had met the girl of his dreams in Lauren Frazer-Hatton, and added that he had even changed his cheating ways to make a real go of their relationship. That’s right, he used the R word!
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Made In Cheslea: Will Ollie Locke be returning to show?


One of the best things about reality TV shows is that when one of the cast members decides to leave, they can’t be killed off, meaning that there is always a door left open for them.

But of course, it is up to each departing member of shows such as Made In Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore to decide whether or not to use that door.
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Made In Chelsea: Spencer Matthews girlfriend joins cast & Guess who Prof Green called the C word!

made in chelsea spencer matthew lauren

For those Made In Chelsea fans who were curious as to why we have barely seen Spencer Matthews all series, we have found him!

The notorious lothario has been skipping round London all smitten with new girlfriend Lauren Frazer Hutton, the girl who seems to have been able to finally tame him. But fear not, he is coming back – And he is bringing her with him!
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Made In Chelsea spoilers: Louise Thompson ditches Andy Jordan over Alik drama & guess who’s back!

made in cheslea andy sabotage

Last night saw the latest instalment of the Louise & Alik show, or Made In Chelsea as it used to be called, airing on E4 and like all previous episodes this series, it did not let us down drama-wise!

Fans of the hit reality show will know that ever since Alik Alfus moved to London to be with show favourite Louise Thompson their relationship has been plagued with rumours and disruption.
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