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Made In Chelsea: Fran and Cheska to quit after being axed from New York spin-off?

made in chelsea fran cheska

It would seem that Made In Chelsea stars, Cheska Hull and Fran someone-or-other have threatened to quit the E4 reality show after a disagreement in New York.

Fans tuning in to the Made In Chelsea summer spin-off show filmed in New York, will know that last week, show regulars Fran and Cheska said their goodbyes and headed back to London, with Cheska stating work as being the reason for their early return.
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Made In Chelsea: Why Alex Mytton made Jamie Laing cry & who will win Billie? Spencer or Stevie?

micnyc jamie 1

We seriously could not wait for last night’s Made In Chelsea, mostly to find out just what it was that Alex Mytton did that made Jamie Laing cry!

Fans tuning in to the opening episode of the summer spin-off series, Made In Chelsea NYC last week, saw Jamie confronting Alex, in tears, over something that seemed to have left him brokenhearted.
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Made In Chelsea: Jamie Laing up for auction in Stars At Your Service! What should we make him do?

micnyc jamie 1

If you could get Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing to do anything, what would it be?

This is a question probably best presented to the abundance of women in Chelsea who have had their heart broken by the notorious playboy, but we fear their answers would not be suitable to print, or show on TV!
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Made In Chelsea NYC review: Binky Felstead alone, Alex Mytton is back – But what has he done?

micnyc ep01

Last night saw the return of Made In Chelsea for its first ever summer special on location in New York, and what a drama-fest it was.

Of course the main topic of conversation on everyone’s lips was the relationship between Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead, so when Binky turned up in the Big Apple alone, it raised a few eyebrows.
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Made in Chelsea NYC kicks off tonight! Meet cast members Jules Hamilton, Carson Eisenhart, Billie Carroll & Alik Alfus VIDEO


Made in Chelsea NYC kicks off tonight on E4 at 9pm, and in the debut episode, viewers will meet newbies Jules Hamilton, Carson Eisenhart, Billie Carroll and Alik Alfus.

The show’s regular cast hopped across the pond for the spin-off, and spent two months filming in and around Manhattan… Read more & comment »

Made in Chelsea’s Binky Felstead and love rat Alex Mytton SPLIT & Lauren Goodger rushed to hospital!

mic binky alex

We didn’t think it would EVER happen, but Binky Felted has finally binned love rat, Alex Mytton.

At one point, we thought that Binks would go running back to Alex no matter what he did to her. But, Binky’s sister has confirmed that the pair are no more…
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Made in Chelsea: Stevie Johnson reveals US girls LOVE the Birtish accent & the lads battle for the new blood!

made in chelsea just anther day

The Made in Chelsea lot are set to return to our E4 screens later this week, but there’s difference – this time around, they’re in the Big Apple.

And, just because they’re away from Chelsea, and London, it doesn’t mean that their behavior gets any better either… it just gets worse.
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Made In Chelsea: Alex Mytton collapse & Jamie Laing to quit show?

alex mytton

Made In Chelsea star, Alex Mytton, has apparently suffered a seizure like collapse at the recent Secret Garden Party Festival, The Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Mytton, whose on-off-on again relationship with his MIC co-star Binky Felstead dominated the action during the last series, is said to have been treated by medics at the event after he took ill.
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Made In Chelsea Spoilers: Filming wraps in New York & Is Riley dating Jamie Laing’s brother?

made in chelsea micnyc

With the summer special of Made In Chelsea due to hit our screens in less than a fortnight, the cast and crew have finally wrapped up filming, and have flown back home!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will be eagerly awaiting this new spin-off series, filmed on location in New York with all but one of the main cast travelling out to the Big Apple to take part.
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Made In Chelsea Spoilers: Meet Jules Hamilton, Carson Eisenhart, Alik Alfus & Billie Carroll!

made in chelsea micnyc

Yesterday we gave you the full list of current made In Chelsea stars returning to our E4 screens next month when the show returns with its Summer New York spin-off, MiCNYC – And now we have news of FOUR new cast members who will be joining them.

We are all on the edge of our seats here waiting for the new summer special to start, and were pleased as punch to see that the only person missing from the New York list was Andy Jordan.
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