E4 commissions series 2 of Made In Chelsea – will you watch?

It may make you cringe and your skin crawl, but somebody must be watching Made In Chelsea, because E4 has announced a second series of the show.

The reality TV show is set in the wealthy Chelsea district of London and focuses on the lives of cast members like Ollie Locke, Spencer Matthews, Fredrik Ferrier, Francis Boulle, Hugo Taylor, Milly Mackintosh, Amber Atherton, Alexandra Felstead, Francesca Hull, Rosie Fortescue, Caggie Dunlop and Gabriella Ellis.

During the first series, the show regularly attracts around 700,000 viewers per episode, so E4 are planning another run.

David Williams, E4′s commissioning editor, said: “In addition to delivering great audiences, episode one trended worldwide on twitter and ‘Made in Chelsea’ has been a phenomenal success on our online catch up service 4OD.

“The staggering amount of audience engagement has proven it to be a perfect fit for E4′s young audience.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Dillstone – the show’s executive producer added: “‘Made in Chelsea’ has proven addictive viewing for UK audiences, a testament to our brilliant cast and their extraordinary lives. We are excited to give fans the opportunity to delve deeper into these characters’ relationships next season.”

Amber Atherton – who appears alongside best friend Rosie Fortescue in the series – recently revealed show bosses are thinking of taking ‘Made In Chelsea’ stateside.

She explained: “They are in talks to launch ‘Made in Chelsea’ in America. I think it would go down well over there. Americans are obsessed with the British and they loved the royal wedding. They’d love us.”

Do you watch Made In Chelsea? Is it a show you love to hate or just plain love? Leave your comments below!

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8 Responses to “E4 commissions series 2 of Made In Chelsea – will you watch?”

  1. I love this cheesy programme so much I make excuses to leave work early so I don’t miss it!!! Sad I know but then it’s soooo worth it!

  2. Lisa says:

    best tv show ever, watched every episode, it was amazing<3! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. love the chelsea set xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. madi says:

    AMAZING! when i first heard of it i was like pffft how gay…then i become addicted i LOVE it and cant wait for season 2:D

  5. Cheesescake says:

    They should sooooooooooo show made in Chelsea in America they would love it, they have ‘the hills’ there which has a similar concept to made in Chelsea, can’t wait for series 2 XD

  6. Jackie says:

    I love this programe and can not wait for it to return

  7. lou says:

    love bring out 2 asap please

  8. Ella says: