Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews says Khloe Evans cheated on him – she says ‘I don’t need famous people to make me happy’

Spencer Matthews it trying to turn the tables on Khloe Evans it would seem.

The Made In Chelsea star fronted Channel 5 series The Bachelor earlier this year and at the end of the process, chose the blonde beauty as his partner and girlfriend.

However, after the last episode aired the handsome star revealed that he hadn’t seen Khloe in almost six weeks and rumours circulated that he was back with his MIC co star Louise Thompson.

He recently insisted that he wasn’t the one at fault and said that actually, it was Evans who played dirty and accused her of two timing him with TOWIE star Tom Pearce.

Spencer attended the TV Choice Awards last night and told Digital Spy that he had made a “mistake” in choosing Khloe as his love interest.

He explained:

“I’d like to think I was a gentlemen. I’d never leave anyone at the airport or just lose touch on purpose.”

Matthews added:

“Unfortunately she went out and pulled Tom Pearce, so I don’t think she deserves a second chance.”

“It’s not like we had something extremely serious once The Bachelor finished. We spent ten weeks together but I was also dating 23 other girls.

“I was looking forward to getting to know her better and possibly developing what could have been a relationship, but if you’re going to do that in the early stages it obviously wouldn’t have worked.”

However it doesn’t seem as though Khloe is overly upset about the snub. She has insisted recently that Spencer always intended to get back with his ex Louise and on Twitter last night she told her followers:

‘lmao I don’t need famous people to make me happy x’

Speaking to Now magazine last week, the PA admitted: “I just feel disappointed because normally I’m a shy person and if I am in a relationship, I will give you 100 per cent.

“I would have done anything for him but to just come home and not hear from him… It’s a knockdown. I’m the fool aren’t I? I believed it.’

It seems there might be something in the Louise and Spencer rumours too, as Matthews was spotted out on the town holding hands with Louise recently and the two looked pretty loved up and comfortable in one another’s company.

So who do you think the liar is? Who is the cheat? Leave your comments below…

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4 Responses to “Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews says Khloe Evans cheated on him – she says ‘I don’t need famous people to make me happy’”

  1. kim says:

    I think Khloe felt let down by Spencer because she hadn’t heard from him when the programme had finished. He should’ve texted her to let her know that once the programme had finished airing on channel 5 they would definitely see each other. I think Khloe therefore regarded herself as single and went out and had a good time as any young lady would have. Spencer on the other hand should of made it quite clear that he was not in a relationship with Louise Thompson and she should not have been there through the whole process. I also think Spencer is genuine when he says he wants to find love either that or he is a very good actor. I still think they suit each other and they could of had a relationship. This was completely over a misunderstanding on both parts and they should talk to each other to see if they can reconcile their differences or not. I think Spencer should give Khloe another chance because everyone makes mistakes and this was only a drunken kiss and as far as I know she has not seen him since. I still think Spencer made the right choice and that Khloe was honest with him which took alot of guts.

  2. charlotte says:

    Spencer <3 khloe xxxx

  3. D, Oxford says:

    Only saw the final and was obvious as anything that she wasn’t into him, she declared her ‘feelings’ for him as her eyes were glazing over and she stared into space… She just wants to be on TV, she said her next ambition is to go on I’m A Celebrity, think her agenda is pretty clear!

    P.S. And I’m not even much of Spencer fan! Jamie all the way!

  4. Matt says:

    I watched the whole series and it was a massive shock to me that he chose Khloe over Tabby! Tabby said to him at the end “you’re not the guy I thought you were if you choose her” and that’s what I thought too. I was happy to see he had chose Khloe though cos I thought if anyone’s gonna screw with him the way he seems to screw around with girls then it’s Khloe!

    He stole Louise off Jamie and then finishes with her just in time for The Bachelor where he swears he’s gonna love Khloe forever and then when that’s over gets back with Louise again. Idiot.