David Walliams offered to pay Britain’s Got Talent knife thrower Edward Pinder to skewer Simon Cowell!

simon cowell edward pinder

As we reported earlier, on tonight’s edition of Britain’s Got Talent, we’re to see 11 year old – yes, 11 year old – Edward Pinder throwing knives at show boss Simon Cowell, and nope, he wasn’t hired by one of his adversaries, though David Walliams did offer to pay the talented youngster to skewer the music mogul!

The joke attempt at hiring Edward as an assassin came after the schoolboy – who was charmingly dressed to bear a striking resemblance to Toy Story’s Woody – showed off his incredible knife-throwing skills, which impressed the judges…

After the performance, Simon told Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David, “I’m tempted to go up there…” Read more & comment »

Britain’s Got Talent star Paddy Jones reveals heartbreak of husband David’s death and telling their children, “I’m sorry, he’s gone”

BGT - Birmingham - Day 2

Last weekend, dancing granny Paddy Jones wowed the nation and the Britain’s Got Talent judges by performing an energetic and skilful salsa with her dance partner Nico Espinosa…

However, despite the fact that Paddy and Nico immediately became favourites to win the show, there was something of a hoo-hah when it was revealed that the couple had already won other talent contests, and of course, the fact that Nico is Spanish was a source of annoyance to some viewers who believe the show should only feature British nationals. Read more & comment »

One Direction support band 5 Second of Summer delight fans with #5SOSFOUNDIT treasure hunt!


To celebrate Record Store Day – for which One Direction released a special vinyl edition of their album Midnight Memories – 1D support band 5 Seconds of Summer have delighted their fans by creating a treasure hunt…

It began when the band’s official Twitter account wrote, “Happy record store day (: if you find one of our cassettes in the UK remember to send us pics ! #5SOSFOUNDIT @RSDUK”

So the hunt began, and sure enough, Twitter is awash with pictures of happy fans clutching their cassette tapes, though we have to wonder if half of them own a cassette player! Their mums and dad might do though… Read more & comment »

TOWIE twitter row mystery as Gemma Collins remarks on “low life, fame hungry money grabbers!”

gemma collins

There’s something of a mystery this weekend about what’s upsetting The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins, who’s taken to the social networking site to have a bit of a rant…

However, she didn’t indicate who had naffed her off, but whoever it was, they evidently did so rather royally, prompting Gemma to tweet, “Funny how low life and even lower life stick together…”

She then added, “#famehungry #moneygrabbing #storysellers. I’m really happy. Wish they left me alone.” Read more & comment »

X Factor News: Olly Murs nursing a broken nose! And Dermot O’Leary can’t do without Louis Walsh!


Former X Factor finalist and Xtra Factor host Olly Murs has been in the wars this week and is reportedly now nursing a broken nose after a challenge during a football match went rather awry…

Of the painful incident, Olly tweeted, “Oi @rickyfinnigan my nose is bleeding now… After your swinging elbows at footy!!

“Think my nose is broken #YouRobinThickeWannabe” Read more & comment »

Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall’s well jel of Jesy Nelson’s figure! She says, “I’m like a 12 year old boy!”

Jade Thirlwall Jesy Nelson

Though millions of us would love to have the slim shape of Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall, she apparently doesn’t like her figure and would rather have her band mate Jesy Nelson’s curves!

However, as Jade revealed that she eats “tiny portions” of food and takes forever to get through a meal, it’s unlikely that she’s going to put on weight anytime soon. Read more & comment »

GORGEOUS Darcy Oake the BEST Britain’s Got Talent magician yet!

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After a whole host of rubbish magicians, Canadian hunk Darcy Oake is a breath of fresh air on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent show.

Britain’s Got Talent magician Darcy Oake frustrates David Walliams with brilliant illusions! WATCH

The 26 year old professional magician specialises in sleight of hand and illusions and performs an illusion with doves, a bird cage and a finale at the end where a woman appears from nowhere.

Read more & comment »

White House refuses to respond to Justin Bieber deportation petition! Spoil sports…

Justin Bieber Ferrari 2

Around 270,000 people have signed a petition calling for pop brat Justin Bieber to be sent packing from the States back to his native Canada, however, when the petition was presented to the White House, President Barack Obama’s reps refused to comment on it…

Of the petition, a statement from the White House reads, “Thanks for your petition and your participation in We the People.

“Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be commenting on this one.” Read more & comment »

Phillip Schofield says of Dancing on Ice cancellation, “I was in bits!”

phillip schofield christine bleakley

When it was announced that long-running show Dancing on Ice was to end, viewers were divided about the news, with some agreeing with ITV that after a nine-year run, it was high time to call it a day, while others were upset that the show was ending.

However, host Phillip Schofield has now revealed that although he believes the show – and his run on it – ended with “style and dignity,” he was “in bits” on finale night. Read more & comment »

Dougie Poynter IS dating Niall Horan & Ed Sheeran’s ex, Ellie Goulding! And McBusted play “tattoo roulette!”

ellie goulding, dougie poynter

We recently reported that singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s new single ‘Don’t’ is about Ed’s real life heartache over a lover who cheated on him…

And inevitably, it was concluded that Ed was singing about former girlfriend Ellie Goulding and intimated that it was her fling with One Direction star Niall Horan that prompted Ed to write the song.

However, he hasn’t out and out named Ellie or Niall, and neither of them has responded to the rumours that they betrayed Ed, but while that drama was making entertainment news headlines, it was also being suggested that Ellie had broken things off with McFly singer – and former I’m A Celebrity winner – Dougie Poynter… Read more & comment »