100,000 people apply for Simon Cowell’s Red Or Black!

Last week, ITV, Simon Cowell and Ant & Dec launched Red or Black? to the UK. They invited everyone to apply online at www.itv.com for their chance to become a millionaire.

Over 100,000 people from across the UK have decided they feel lucky and have applied to take part in Red or Black? The on-line application closes on Friday 13th May so there is still time to apply, just go to www.itv.com/redorblack.

Red or Black? will be stripped across the ITV1 primetime schedule later this year. Each night, over the course of a week, seven people will face a life-defining moment as they are offered the chance to walk away with £1 million. To win all they need is luck.

Ant & Dec will preside over spectacular challenges as they host the first events this summer at the Red or Black? Arena in Wembley.

Ant: “We can’t wait to get started on Red or Black? and to get the whole country involved, it’s guaranteed to be real edge of your seat stuff. Seven people could become millionaires in front of our eyes, purely by luck”.

Dec: “It’s an exciting mix of spectacular events, thrilling challenges and millions of pounds. No skill, no talent, just luck, all you have to do is go to www.itv.com and enter. It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before”.

Simon Cowell, says: “I am really excited about this show. The great news is we are giving seven people across the UK the chance to become a millionaire every single night”.

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