Angie Dowds sacked from Biggest Loser UK


Angie Dowds has been axed from The Biggest Loser, after she was caught telling her contestants to cheat.

The fitness trainer has worked on the ITV weight loss show since 2005 and should know the rules of the competition by now. However producers overheard her telling her team to eat just fruit and nuts ahead of their next weigh-in, while the premise of the show is that the overweight contestants drop pounds by eating normal, healthy meals and by exercising regularly.

Angie told The Sun:

“The day before weigh-in I decided to tell my Black Team to go off-plan and eat apples and nuts to try and get as much weight off as possible on that weigh-in.

“It’s not the Biggest Loser way and I made a bad choice. My competitiveness had taken over. My head was just, ‘Go to win’.

“We decided between us, the producers and I, that it was best for me to take a step back at that point, which means my Black Team loses their trainer in the most crucial two weeks.

“By just that one silly decision, I really let those guys down.

“To have to walk away was just devastating, but it was the right thing to do.”

Angie’s Black Team will now join the Blue team and train with Richard Callender.

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6 Responses to “Angie Dowds sacked from Biggest Loser UK”

  1. Bill Storsten says:

    an overeaction by the biggest Loser bosses, a short term diet of apples and nuts represents nothing more hazardous than a detox diet, get real Biggest Loser bosses, reinstate Angie tout suit….

  2. Martin says:

    Watched the show in Australia and the trainers are hard but inspiring. Did we ever see angie smile at all … Until she had to apologise for letting her team down.

  3. Km says:

    Big over-reaction. She is a great trainer and at the end of the day the show is sponsored by Subway and advertises it’s own diet shakes in the adverts. Hardly following it’s own healthy eating guidelines!

  4. Susie says:

    I think it was disgraceful behaviour, she put her own desire to win over everything else and let down those she was there to help.

  5. Shane says:

    I can’t believe they hired her in the first place. She has no personality. Anyone notice she looks like the guy from the insurance ad who absails into the room, think its alittle like the scene in a tom cruise movie???

  6. Marina says:

    If you’re honest, it wouldn’t have killed the contestants to live off of fruit and nuts for a little while. Besides, between them two foods most of the essential nutrients are present in them (although in small amounts). I wouldn’t suggest it in the long term but if your BMI is sky-high then it’s a good rapid weight loss method as well as good detoxifier.

    I think it was the steriods and testosterone in Angie that drove her to this radical and glory-desperate decision – she’s like a cross-dressing Hulk!