BGT triumphs over The Voice in viewer ratings for the first time, and issues an apology!

Simon Cowell will most likely be trying hard to grin from ear to ear today – his Botox may not permit it – to learn that last night, for the first time since BGT and The Voice launched on the same evening, Britain’s Got Talent won the overall battle for viewers, scoring a healthy average of 11.3 million viewers.

The Voice meanwhile peaked at 10.3 million viewers for the first of its live shows last night.

But apropos of last night’s The Voice, this morning, has issued an apology to viewers for being seen using his mobile phone while the show was on air.

I have to say, I didn’t spot it, but apparently Will was seen looking down at his mobile and texting while the other coaches gave their comments and the acts performed.

Will took to Twitter after the show, saying, “Thank you everyone who watched #thevoiceuk tonight…if you saw me on my phone I wasn’t being rude…I was connecting to people watching…”

He added, “tv, phone, laptop, & tablet.. its a new day…if I dont tweet during live tv Im not connecting to people watching in the new way #thevoiceuk”

And in the early hours, Will tweeted, “Last nights #thevoiceuk was great…now Im off to washington dc for an @BarackObama fund raiser at @terrymcauliffe house with @billclinton”

The Voice UK results show, which was pre-recorded last night, airs at 7:30PM on BBC1 tonight.

Who do you reckon will be offski?

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2 Responses to “BGT triumphs over The Voice in viewer ratings for the first time, and issues an apology!”

  1. Adam says:

    I really hope that cos its was pre-recorded last night, the judges, Redgie & Hollie have brought a change of clothes with them !!!! or it going to look as though its been done on the cheap

  2. lucy jane smithe says:

    I wish they’d all just go and the show with it. Its exactly like Xfactor other than the stupid chairs and some of these singers have already had chances on numerous tv shows and companies and still failed. yet it was supposed to be about people who did everyday things that wanted to be singers etc. not semi professionals and stage school wannabees. BGT and Xfactor are at least honest the BBC (wall to wall) fronted by Universal records have disguised a TV show in the hope that they can convince the UK public to buy more records from all their favourite voice artists and it’s become a very lazy and easy way to mass produce singers to a wider audience , Lazy A&R shame on you…. what you tube isnt big enough now ??it found JB, connor maynard and boyce avenue all who who are amazing and will have to compete against the VOice Dross for chart positions…