Big Brother 2012: Viewers get to vote in a “wildcard” housemate!

It’s been revealed today that when the new series of Big Brother starts on June 5th, viewers will get the opportunity to vote in a housemate from a choice of three “wildcard” candidates.

The Daily Star reports that Big Brother’s Bit on the Side co-presenter Jamie East chose the three housemates himself, who are described as an “Indian Brian Dowling”, a Dr Who fan and a girl who’s nickname is ‘The Hurricane’.

Jamie added a few more clues about the identities of his wildcards, including saying one is a highly intelligent geek in his thirties who has long hair, a beard and wears a top hat.

He described the Brian Dowling-esque character as “a high maintenance receptionist who loves the spotlight”, and added he’s “funny but confrontational”.

Finally, ‘The Hurricane’ is a larger-than-life 20-something girl who producers originally rejected as fake. She apparently hates her nipples and hides sweets down her pants…

Of his wildcard choices, Jamie explained, “I went in with a plan to pick housemates that Big Brother would never put in the house.

“I think I’ve succeeded. I am so confident with my choices.

“I predict that whoever viewers choose will go all the way and make the final.”

We’ll meet the three housemates when Jamie hosts a special auditions show an hour before the launch of Big Brother 13 on Channel 5.

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