Boyzone’s tour is outselling One Direction & The Wanted! (We love Shane Lynch!)


We have to admit music fans we were a little shocked today when this little nugget of a story fell onto our laps here at Unreality TV.

You will all know that we love all things One Direction (if you don’t know, then you don’t visit us much. Why not?) and we aren’t adverse to spending a bit of time drooling over The Wanted either (especially Max right?).

So we were could have been knocked over with a feather when we heard that apparently 90′s boyband Boyzone have been outselling both young acts this week, since they released tickets for their new 20th anniversary tour.

Ticket sales website Seatwave have revealed that they’ve seen more demand for tickets to watch Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, and Shane Lynch that for either 1D or their bitter rivals and have experienced a 300% rise in sales for their shows.

A spokesperson for Seatwave said:


“We expected Boyzone to generate some interest, purely from a nostalgia point of view, however the volume we have encountered has been quite unprecedented.”

“To outstrip demand for both 1D and The Wanted is extraordinary, they are two of the most popular bands in the country right now.

“One explanation could be that older fans who like 1D, but perhaps find them a bit young, see Boyzone as an appealing alternative.”

We happen to think that the massive sales relate to Shane’s continued hotness. Honestly, look at that face! Who wouldn’t want to see that in person?

Shane Lynch

One person who will be kicking themselves over these revelations is the boy’s ex manager Louis Walsh who blasted the lads this week and said he wouldn’t be watching any of their shows.

He bitchily insisted:

“I won’t be going to the show in November – I don’t know who actually will.”

Lou Lou added:

“I honestly wouldn’t have had the time to devote to an ageing pop act.”

Sucks to be you old Irish man. Or maybe something a little less evil….he is almost a pensioner after all.

Check out Boyzone in their heyday and tell us, are you surprised by these statistics? Leave your comments below…..

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7 Responses to “Boyzone’s tour is outselling One Direction & The Wanted! (We love Shane Lynch!)”

  1. whatever says:

    If the tickets for boyzone have just been announced, isn’t it normal that the demand is huge since it has not been statisfied at all previously? 1D have been selling out shows and adding new shows for months from what I understand, the demand has to be at least in part satisfied!
    Anyway, YAY for boyzone!

  2. Annmarie says:

    Doesnt surprise me at all. Loved the boyz for 20 years & id luv them for another 20 if they kept going. If the wanted & 1d r still selling out tours in 20 yrs time i’d b surprised!

  3. Rachelrl says:

    Tickets brought at on Tuesday things.Grt comin to new arena in lds shame have to wait to Dec for a grt nite. Well worth it tho x

  4. Andrea says:

    Well there ya go then they were gr8 bk in the day and still are they have a bunch of gr8 fan yeoooo bz20 xxxx

  5. christine G says:

    Well done Boyzone, i put a great deal of there success down to the fact Ronan Keating has just finished a hugely popuular and successfull solo tour.
    As frountman for the band Ronan draws in a big established fan base, plus fans for the other lads, making it a successfull combinaton
    Ronan has to be reakonised as a big reason for Boyzones success