Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Alesha Dixon says she wouldn’t sleep with Simon Cowell, even for £5million!

Unlike me, whose motto is “Sleeping with Simon Cowell – priceless, for everything else, there’s Rohypnol – BGT judge Alesha Dixon reckons she wouldn’t sleep with the BGT and X Factor guru, even if he paid her £5million.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Alesha said, “No amount of money in the world would make me sleep with Simon.

“He’s been using one line on me all the way through the series with contestants…

“Somebody walks out on stage who isn’t my type and Simon whispers: ‘Come on, what if I gave you £5million to sleep with that person… would you?’

“And I’m like, ‘No Simon’. I’ve told him a million times that there are some things money can’t buy and that’s love…

“Look, I will not be in one of his books as the new judge he fancies in the future. Trust me.”

However, she went on to say that judging by the way Simon’s bromance with David Walliams is going, there could well be something other than friendship brewing there.

She said, “I’ve got to be honest about the Simon and David thing… I’m starting to get uncomfortable.

“David is totally infatuated. He spends the whole time asking to sit next to Simon.

“When Carmen Electra gave Simon a bit of a lap-dance, David went and joined in. And I’m sitting there thinking what the hell is going on.

“Their bromance has been really entertaining for a while, but now I’m like… enough.

“Next year he’s already said he wants to sit nearer Simon on the panel. It’s getting just plain weird.”

Now then Alesha, don’t let your prejudices get in the way of you appreciating the love that is Sidav…

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