Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s “month of hell” awaiting Simon Cowell’s decision

As fans of BGT will know, Irish singer songwriter Ryan O’Shaughnessy was axed from the show because he’s still contracted to Universal via The Voice of Ireland.

And in today’s Daily Star, a sad Ryan has revealed that he’s been through “a month of hell” waiting to hear his BGT fate.

But last month, his hopes rose that he would be able to continue on the ITV talents show after he made it through to the show’s semi-finals, but ultimately, because of the contract, he was unable to continue.

He said, “I’m delighted – I’m so glad everything went my way.

“It’s taken four weeks to sort out and my mum has been tearing her hair out. I was devastated to think my dream could be over…

“I felt like I’d let Simon down and I was so foolish signing a contract I didn’t know enough about.”

However, after Simon told Ryan that he couldn’t continue on the show – somewhat harshly telling him he was taking a place on the show that someone who hasn’t already got a recording contract could have taken – Ryan vowed to return to Ireland and get out of the contract he has with The Voice of Ireland, so that he can return to the show next year.

Were you sad to see Ryan axed?

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