Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Simon Cowell engages in a spot of Amanda Holden baiting tonight!

Simon Cowell is of course famous for his sarcasm, and he’s often reduced wannabes to sniveling heaps of humanity courtesy of his barbed remarks.

However, it seems he’s not content to only lash down auditionees, and in tonight’s Britain’s Got More Talent – which is of course hosted by Stephen Mulhern – we’ll hear Simon having a dig at Amanda Holden when she says she was the show’s head judge in Simon’s absence.

It all begins when Stephen asks Amanda, “How would you compare the last five series with this?”

To which Amanda replies, “Last year I liked it because I was the boss…”

Simon immediately snorts and says, “That didn’t work”, to which Amanda says, “But I loved it.”

Simon then counters, “That didn’t work.”

And when Stephen asked Simon what he’d thought of Amanda’s judging skills while he was away from the show – as of course he was busy overseeing The X Factor USA and wasn’t on the BGT panel last year – Simon replied, “It was kind of annoying seeing her stop songs and try to do what I do.”

It has of course been rumoured of late that Amanda isn’t happy that newbie judge Alesha Dixon seems to get more air time than she does, and it was even mooted that Amanda may not be back next year.

Would you miss her if she wasn’t on the show?

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