Britain’s Got Talent 2012: The Mend star Jayme Kontzle says he can feel his mum’s presence when he sings

Though the lads from BGT boy band The Mend always have a smile, for one of them, Jayme Kontzle, his big boyish grin hides a secret heartache, as his mother died in a car crash when he was just four years old.

After his mum died, Jay was brought up by his grandparents, and though he has nothing but admiration for his granny and granddad for what they’ve done for him, he still misses having his mum around.

However, Jay’s told friends that he feels his mum’s presence when he sings, and that helps him to give his best in every performance.

A friend of Jay’s told TV Biz, “When he auditioned for the band he blew it the first time but he begged to be allowed to sing again.

“Then he stood up and sang a cappella a pitch-perfect version of Hero by M People. It was incredible. One woman was so overcome she had to leave the room…

“Jayme told me months later that when he was telling me about his mum at the audition he suddenly felt like she was there, telling him that he wasn’t in the band and he had to sing again.

“He couldn’t have known that she was right – at that moment he wasn’t in the band, but after singing again he was!

“He said his mum often visits him and he knows she’s there.

“He doesn’t know if he believes in the after-life. He just knows it is his mum and he can feel her with him.

“He gets the feeling that she’s there every now and again, looking after him like she always did.

“He will always love his mum.”

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