Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Amanda Holden says her kids could win BGT next year!

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Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden reckons that if her children tried out for the show next year, they could easily win!

And in something of a contradictory statement, Amanda said, “I won’t be pushing them into showbiz, but I will be doing it secretly behind the scenes.”

Of her apparently talented bubbies, Hollie and her older sister Lexi, proud mum Amanda said, “They’re both really starting to show talent…

“Lexi sings, she’s really good and Hollie, even though she is only 17 months, she copies. I think she could be an impressionist.”

To the Daily Star, Amanda – who nearly died while giving birth to little Hollie and who suffered the tragedy of a late miscarriage – continued, “They could be future winners, for sure. Watch this space.

“Me and my husband keep saying they live with us rent-free so it’s about time they went out there and earned a living.”

amanda holden's daughters lexi and hollie

The paper adds, “Meanwhile Amanda reckons the bromance between Simon Cowell, 53, and David Walliams, 41, is the real deal.”

She said, “I like watching it. They don’t have any real men friends in real life.

“He adores David and loves the relationship.”

I feel the same and in fact, during the BGT final, I was in need of a Tena Lady when one of the judges asked Wild Card finalist Steve Hewlett – who of course did a routine the comprised Simon and Sinitta puppets – what it was like to “have your hand up Simon’s backside,” and David put his hand in the air and said, “I know!”

He really is hilarious isn’t he?

Here’s a reminder of the recent BGT final…

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