Britain’s Got Talent star Ronan Parke ditched by record label Syco!

Last year, young Ronan Parke stole the hearts of the nation when he competed in Britain’s Got Talent

And despite being the runner-up – because of course, Jai McDowall won the show in 2011 – his career looked set to be somewhat meteoric.

However, it hasn’t turned out that way, for Ronan or Jai, as both have been unceremoniously ditched by their record labels.

Jai of course won a contract worth £100,000 with Sony, while Ronan was signed up by Simon Cowell’s label, Syco. A year on, both have been dumped, leaving their future careers in something of a precarious position.

When news broke of Jai being dropped by Sony, he told the Mirror, “I didn’t really ask for more support from Sony and Simon Cowell and I kind of feel like I should have said something…

“I was just going along with it because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I did what I was told.

“I feel I could have pushed them a bit more, but I think they could have worked a bit harder with the promotion.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t think I got as much support as I was hoping to get.

“When you’re on a show like Britain’s Got Talent, it’s one of the biggest shows in the country at the time.

“But it got to the stage when I started thinking, ‘What went wrong?’ especially when you see all these other stars coming out of reality shows.”

What went wrong indeed, and that’s a question Ronan may be asking himself today as it’s also been reported that his debut album only managed to get to No22 in the charts.

However, a spokesperson for Ronan however insisted that he had decided to go in a “different direction” and therefore the issue of being ditched by the label isn’t any biggie.

Did you expect Ronan to do better than he evidently has?

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4 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent star Ronan Parke ditched by record label Syco!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Why was that question phrased in the past tense? Ronan isn’t done yet.

  2. Yolanda says:

    I would have thought that the record companies would have made more effort with both Jai and Ronan, but obviously making money was all they had in mind. It seems to me that album and single releases were not publicised enough, unless you probably went out of your way to find out details. How would people know that things are out there if they are not advertised and / or publicised?

  3. Babzie says:

    Ronan himself is disputing this news on his latest Twitter page.

  4. Jane says:

    I liked Jae, but Ronan bored me. Perhaps he should try again in 10 years….or maybe not