Buckwild – new, crazy reality TV show coming to MTV UK


Turn off your twitter, log off Facebook and put your phone on silent as MTV’s latest reality drama series, Buckwild, shows how to have fun in the most extreme outdoors!

Buckwild follows the lives of nine wild-hearted and adventure-hungry guys and girls who are united by the deep pride they have for small-town American life, in which they find unique ways to create their own fun. From transforming a dump truck into a pool party to building a human sling shot, they live their lives loud and proud without restrictions.

These hot headed young guns have been friends for years, but their friendships and love interests are put to the ultimate test when they all move into a party house for the summer. Living by their own set of rules, the action-hungry, crew soon find ways to turn their surroundings into an adventure playground.

From self-confessed ladies man, Joey, who likens himself to Justin Bieber to country beauty, Cara, this group simply don’t do quiet rural nights in.

Put the date in your diary to join the hillbilly hoedown as Buckwild begins with a double bill from Tuesday 5 March at 9pm, only on MTV.

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