Burn, burn, burn! Niall Horan’s BFF Ellie Goulding shares gym selfie!

Burn, burn, burn! Niall Horan’s BFF Ellie Goulding shares gym selfie!

ellie goulding 2

Ellie Goulding’s album Halcyon hit number one again this week in the British charts, and the feisty rock and roll singer seems pretty proud of herself.

With the world at her feet the blonde bombshell shared the above goofy snap on Monday relieving a new bouffant hairstyle to her Twitter fans, with the caption ‘new hair plus stupid face’…

Not one to shy away, Ellie further uploaded a body selfie on Tuesday, in preparation for the gym the Burn singer wore a skimpy sports bra and mini shorts with the caption ‘Train for power, strength, flexibility and agility’.

Clearly in the best shape of her life, the songstress has admitted to Metro “I don’t see myself as being a skinny girl. I see myself as an athletic girl.”

Adding, ‘I work out every day, go running, I take fitness really seriously. So why not?”.

ellie goulding

The athletic singer has always been keen to show off her skills to her fans, previously posting a video on Instagram of a pretty impressive hand stand in the park!

ellie goulding 3

Not afraid of hard work, the sporty singer stays in shape by following a gruelling daily fitness regime including a six mile run, and her Insanity Extreme home fitness DVD.

Though just like us, the 27-year-old likes to indulge in the odd naughty treat here and there. On Monday she tweeted ‘Orange blossom ice cream and other sweet little things’ attaching a photo featuring a scone, a macaroon, creme brulee, cake and, of course, ice-cream … Yum!

Here’s a look at her in Burn action…

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