Calum Fran and Dangerous Danan

Its like a Love Island Reunion! The three previous Love Island contestants, Fran Cosgrove, Calum Best and Paul Danan have made a new reality show for ITV2, which is due to kick off next week.

ITV report:

In this 4 part series Calum Best, Fran Cosgrave and Paul Danan take the roadtrip of a lifetime along America’s most famous road – Route 66. The boys must travel 1200 miles from Amarillo, Texas to Santa Monica pier in LA. But it’s not that easy – their accomodation is paid for, but they only have 50 dollars each and the rest of the money for food, petrol and fun they have to earn along the way.

If nothing else it should be worth watching just to ogle Calum and Fran, I think I’ll probably be reduced to throwing beer bottles at the TVin a bid to make Paul Danan go away though!

The show starts at 9:00pm, Thursday September 14.

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