Cheryl Cole says being with Tre Holloway feels like she is cheating on Ashley!!!

Girls Aloud star, Cheryl Cole, has admitted that being with her new fella, Tre Holloway, makes her feel like she is cheating on her ex-husband, Chelsea footballer, Ashley Cole!

Cheryl and Ashley spilt up for good in 2010, after a four year marriage. They had already separated once, due to Ashley’s obsession with sending other girls explicit text messages and photos, but they reconciled around the time that Cheryl started working on the X Factor, much to everyone’s disapproval.

They seemed happy enough though, and just as everyone had started to accept the fact that she had forgiven him, he went and did it again!

This time they divorced, and Cheryl began being connected to just about every man she stood next to, but it would seem that she had remained single, until now.

Cheryl began dating dancer Tre earlier this year, and after reports that they had both met the others parent’s things started to look pretty serious, and Cheryl looked pretty happy again!

However, Cheryl, who announced her Girls Aloud comeback tour and greatest hits album, Ten, last week, has admitted that she still finds herself feeling uncomfortable being with someone else, as it feels like she is cheating on Ashley!

Speaking to Glamour magazine, she explained: “The weirdest thing is, it takes a long time after you’ve been with someone as long as I was not to feel like you’re cheating on them.

“That may sound crazy, but it’s the way I felt after him. I had completely committed myself.”

She went on to describe how she felt that by walking away from her marriage, she had lost the chance to be a mum, but that she can see kids in her future again, thanks to Tre!

Cheryl said: “I always say I wanted to have a big family, because I’m from one, so I’d like four or five children, but I don’t know realistically if that’s going to happen.”

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7 Responses to “Cheryl Cole says being with Tre Holloway feels like she is cheating on Ashley!!!”

  1. Nic Perrett says:

    Dear Cheryl, NO ONE CARES. Please bore off. Half the country is struggling while you live the high life off their backs and do nothing but whine. Do us all a favour and go away.

  2. Wendy says:

    OMG what a horrible thing to say , doesn’t she think saying that would be hurtful to her boyfriend ?

    • Nic Perrett says:

      Does she care about anyone other than herself? No, she’s a petty, self obsessed, talentless fool who “pops up” every now and then to sell her tears and hopefully a few of her ridiculous attempts at singing into the bargain. The only thing that continues to shock me about her is that so many people are taken in by it and laud her as though she is in some way talented or relevant. She’ll be selling her bottled tears soon, and trust me on this, there are mugs out there who would buy them.

      • jerry lee says:

        At the moment Nic Perrett you’re the one who’s whining, if you don’t like her why have you taken the time to read the article and then write a lengthy comment.

  3. Nic Perrett says:

    Perhaps Jerry Lee it’s in the faint hope that Cheryl will get her pig ugly pointless, talentless face off my news page and take the handful of morons that think she’s anything other than a complete waste of DNA with her? :)

    • jerry lee says:

      God you’re nasty Nic, what has Cheryl done that is so bad that she deserves to be called a waste of DNA? and I mean really really bad, not just punching somebody because I know you’ll reply with that. Oh and by the way, it’s not your news page, it’s everybodys news page, if you don’t want to hear about her don’t click on the article simple, maybe then you won’t be the moron.

      • Nic Perrett says:

        Don’t try to predict what anyone is going to say, you don’t possess the IQ to construct and punctuate a sentence let alone read a mind. Perhaps you should follow your own advice, if you don’t like what someone writes, don’t read it. As for nasty, well I think little miss crocodile tears started that with the ludicrous comments above, especially as they are clearly an attempt to get her face in the papers again and bolster her album sales.