Dancing on Ice 2012: Louie Spence and Her Maj the Queen – separated at birth?

Dancing on Ice judge Louie Spence has proved he’s well deserving of the title of Big Queen as he recreated assorted iconic photographs of Her Majesty the Queen for T-Mobile’s Diamond Jubilee advertising campaign…

And in all honesty, he’s such a convincing Queen in the photos, I suspect he is in fact the secret twin of Her Maj, and he and Liz – as she likes me to call her – were separated birth.

Of his royal mimicry, Louie told TV Biz, “I absolutely loved doing the shoot and the T-Mobile ad – it was great fun.

“I’m sure I have done Her Majesty proud. Everyone knows that I make a fabulous Queen, so there really wasn’t any one else for the job!”

Well, as it was reported yesterday that all the Dancing on Ice judges could be facing the axe, perhaps Liz had better hide her crown and get her contract as reigning monarch extended and checked by a lawyer…

Louie could well be in need of a job. And let’s face it, he’s way bendier than our current Queen, and imagine how much more fun those state dinners with visiting dignitaries would be if His Maj suddenly launched into a pas de deux or did the splits.

Or even just had to say “suffering succotash” as per cartoon star Sylvester. I’d pay good money to see that.

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