Dirty! X Factor’s Sharon Osbourne has been flirting with The Wanted’s Tom Parker!

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Tom Parker has admitted that Sharon Osbourne still knows how to flirt with members of the opposite sex!

The hunky singer from boyband The Wanted revealed that he has a lot of affection for the X Factor judge, because of her cheeky putdowns, her brutal honesty and her tendency to flirt with him and his bandmates.

The stars were recently interviewed by the mum of three on her chat show ‘The View’ and the ‘Chasing The Sun’ hitmaker told Top of the Pops magazine that he would ‘go for’ her, if he was on the hunt for a lady!

He teased:

“Sharon Osbourne was one of the hosts and she asked us which of the ladies we would go for, so I said her! She’s a right flirt, is Sharon!”


Parker is currently attached though and recently took his girlfriend Kelsey Hardwick for a romantic short break to Paris. He admitted that while he loved the city break, he did have a bit of a mishap and said:

“We had a great time in Paris, the city of luuurve! We came out of our hotel room and on to the balcony to watch some fans singing ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ to us, which was nice. Everything was going well until I walked straight into a glass door in the hotel lobby and banged my head. It hurt. A lot.”

the wanted life 2

Tom is very loyal to his fans and thanked them on Twitter this week, posting:

“The love from all you guys and the hard work you’re putting in promoting it really means the world to us!! Can’t thank you enough x”

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