Frankie Cocozza to stalk Made In Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop until she loves him!

X Factor reject, and self-professed womaniser, Frankie Cocozza has set his sights on a bit of posh, declaring that he will stalk Made In Chelsea‘s Caggie Dunlop until she loves him!

The Celebrity Big Brother star has set her sights on the reality star, despite not liking the show she is in, and despite the fact she is in a relationship.

Cocozza took to social networking site, Twitter, on Monday whilst Made In Chelsea was on TV to compliment Caggie, who has been dating a personal trainer since Christmas, to say: ‘Not a fan of them sort of shows but that Caggie from made in Chelsea has some serious talent #chirps’

Obviously flattered by the attention, Dunlop retweeted the remark, adding the word ‘yut’ (don’t ask me what that is meant to stand for, although I could possibly come up with a few ideas!) to the message.

Frankie responded by declaring his love for her, saying: ‘@caggie_dunlop I’m going to stalk you until you love me.’

It would appear though that Frankie might have to stalk for a while though, as Dunlop is head over heels in love with her current partner, Joel Steel, who she met in Australia over the festive period, and even has his initials tattooed on her arm already, but seeing as she has taken a break from the show that made her famous to concentrate on her singing career, Cocozza can hopefully console himself soon with her voice.

To hear the dulcet tones of Caggie that first attracted Frankie to her, watch her singing in the the clip below:

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