Grease Is The Word: Wayne Smith

Age: 26
Location: Preston
Job: Cabaret Singer

“This will be the first time at doing anything like this, and probably the last. If I can’t make it after getting this far I probably never will.”

The Story So Far…

* Wayne got big thumbs-up from all of the Judges. Sinitta said that he had a ‘nice body, good look and sang well’. David Gest said that he preferred the singing to the dancing and David Ian said ‘as usual David Gest is wrong, Sinitta and Brian are right’.

* On the final day of Bootcamp, all of the judges were really impressed with him. David Ian said ‘I like him more and more, he looked really good’. Sinitta said ‘he did the job, he’s very exciting’.


* Wayne was born in Plymouth and raised in Somerset. He now lives with his two best friends and two cats in Preston in a house he owns.

* Wayne is a cabaret show singer and has been for the past five years. He works mostly in holiday parks like Haven and Centre Parcs. He performs everything from Disco 70s to all the recent hits.

* Four years ago Wayne got a part as Danny in a show called ‘Grease Mania’ but the show got pulled. He hadn’t been to another an audition until Grease Is The Word came along as he said it really knocked his confidence.

* He says that he ALWAYS wears odd socks; and says that he is very superstitious about it.

* The hardest thing Wayne has ever had to go through was losing his best friend when he was 15. He says: “He wanted to be famous; he was an inspiration to me then and is now.”

How does it feel to have got this far?

“Amazing and very unreal! I am astonished at my progress through the rounds so far. I have reached the goal that I and all my family wanted and so anything past this is a bonus. To be put in the same class as some of these guys who have been trained in some of the best theatre schools in the country is an honour. They truly are amazing performers.”

Has it been a difficult journey for you to get to this stage?

“I have found it difficult being away from my friends and family for Bootcamp and being on my own means I have to push very hard to stay focused ‘cause they aren’t there to push me. But I seem to have coped so far.”

What makes you think you can be the next Danny?

“I’m not sure really. I just hope that I can do it myself. I have proven to myself that I didn’t know my own capabilities as I never thought I would get this far. So who knows whether I will do it? I do know that up until now and beyond I will give it everything I have. That’s all you can do.

“As you get further in these things you naturally want it more every round. I take it round by round. It would totally change my life and be a massive breakthrough for my career. That would be the greatest achievement of my life so far.”

Is this the closest that you have come to making it?

“This will be the first time at doing anything like this, and probably the last. If I can’t make it after getting this far I probably never will.”

How do you think you would handle fame?

“I’m a very grounded person and I would like to think I would stay that way. I pretty much have everything I want at the moment except for the dream job. So, aside from the new wardrobe for the whole family, I don’t really know what else I would do if I got famous.”

What’s your ultimate ambition?

“My ultimate ambition is to sing in the USA. I love America and recently went to LA on holiday. I want a piece of that.”

Who are your idols?

“My idol is probably my partner and parents. They are what mould me. As far as musical influence, I idolise Michael Bolton for his superb vocal talent. Also, I hold a lot of respect for Shane Richie. He has a similar background to me but proved that he could break into the showbiz world.”

What do you think of the judges?

“David Ian is a legend in his own right and the most important to have on your side. However, the others are very skilled in their areas too. David Gest did not like me at the first stage and I don’t know if I have changed his mind.
“They have told me I need to make a transition into the role of Danny. That’s my next challenge.”

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