Harry Styles’ ex Cara Delevingne could become a real Princess! Prince Harry is said to be “smitten” with her!

cara delevingne, prince harry

We reported a few weeks ago that One Direction star Harry Styles fancied getting up close and personal with the Royal family, and to that end, he was said to be “desperate” to date either Princess Eugenie or Princess Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton…

However, it seems Harry’s ex Cara Delevingne might beat him to it as Prince Harry is reportedly “smitten” with the model, who former X Factor guest judge Rita Ora described as her “wifey.”

According to the Daily Star, Harry met Cara at “an A-list barbecue” that was hosted by Princess Beatrice.

Insiders said that “sparks flew” between Harry and Cara, and they’ve apparently been texting each other ever since.

A source said, “Harry made a beeline for Cara as soon as he spotted her.

“Bea, who has known Cara since they were kids as their mums were friends in the 80s, always hosts the best parties and it was full of the coolest of the cool.

“Everywhere you looked there were models, actors, socialites and aristocrats.

“But Harry and Cara didn’t seem to notice.

“They spent the whole afternoon talking only to each other.”

rita ora, cara delevingne

The insider continued, “Last time Harry even gave her a present when he saw her.

“It was a silly thing, an in-flight magazine, which is a running joke between them as to who has the most jet set lifestyle.

“Cara thinks Harry’s not like most of the Chelsea lads she meets.”

No sh** Sherlock…

Here’s a look at an entertainment news report about Harry and Cara…

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