Ibiza: Allister Logue Prepares For His Big Club Night

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This week on Living’s Ibiza, we see a legendary club promoter getting very stressed out.

Allister Logue put in some hard graft, posing for promotional flyers and posters for his club night Empire…if you can call languishing in gold body paint and barely-there togas with half naked girls draped over you, hard graft. After several delays – the models turning up late, Allister running out of gold body paint then almost scalping a girl whilst attempting to coiff her hair and his set designer storming off set (read: Ibizian car park) – Allister finally struck the perfect pose.

Sandwiched between the stunning beauties, draped in gold leaves and puffing away on ciggies between takes, Allister barely looked his 70 years of age. Watch the preview to see more…..

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