ITV’s Stepping Out: Glynis Barber & Michael Brandon win high praise for their sexy tango! (VIDEO)

Michael Brandon & Glynis Barber

Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon made their dance debut this evening on brand new ITV show Stepping out.

The South African actress is best known for her roles in Dempsey and Makepeace, Night and Day, Emmerdale and EastEnders, while her husband – who she met on the set of Dempsey and Makepeace – has also starred in Doctor Who, New Tricks, Bones and many other series’ and shows.

The pair signed up to take part in the brand new dance competition earlier this year and tonight went head to head with five other celebrity couples for the first time, as the series launched on ITV1.

Rehearsals looked like a barrel of laughs as Michael struggled to learn the first tango routine and we had to laugh as Glynis declared ‘I need a new husband.’ We felt bad later when he admitted ‘I want to cry…I’m terrible.’

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Glynis started the performance with a lot of very sexy moves as she tangoed around a chair and while things did lose a little bit of their sparkle when the couple came together, we couldn’t help but being impressed by Michael’s natural sexiness.

He might not be the world’s best dancer, but we wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating biscuits!

Jason Gardiner told Glynis that that she made his ‘piece tingle tonight’ with her ‘intense’ moves. He told Michael that he lost the battle of the sexes, saying that his wife ‘neutered’ him.

Mel B was a Barber fan too but she told Michael that he ‘didn’t do much’, however Wayne Sleep disagreed and said ‘Michael you acted that tango and won it!’

Did you enjoy Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon’s performance tonight? Leave your comments below….


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6 Responses to “ITV’s Stepping Out: Glynis Barber & Michael Brandon win high praise for their sexy tango! (VIDEO)”

  1. Radar says:

    What music did they dance to on the tango?

  2. valerie says:

    like? LOVED!!! Glynis was amazingly brilliant and wonderful, and Michael was sexy and made her look beatiful! these 2 have the best chemistry on the show!and she’s one of the best daéncers there too.Period

  3. me says:

    Hernando’s Hideaway

  4. Di says:

    Thought Wayne’s comments v fair. It was the chemistry between Glynis and Michael that made the dance so strong. Well also Glynis’ leg kicks etc

  5. Krato says:

    For me, Glynis & Michael totally outshone the other contestants. I saw them do their Tango live in the studio and can confirm that 23 years of marriage has not staunched that flow of sexual chemistry that was ever-present in the Dempsey and Makepeace series. Glynis has an amazingly gorgeous and supple body for a woman of any age (she’s 57!) and baring in mind that hubby, Michael is now 67, the sexy old rogue didn’t do a too shabby job of making us ladies in the audience sit up and take notice. So let the sweet young things have their moment but for guts, determination and sheer raw passion, these two win hands down.

  6. Trinisse C. says:

    Amazing. With over 20 years of marriage having passed these two have not lost one bit of their sizzling sexy chemistry and their tango routine was simply a delight! Makes me wish for a revival of Dempsey and Makepeace. If Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley can keep bringing back ABFAB why not another go round with Lady Harriet and Lieuteneant Jim?…. also Glynis, now that you are sharing your secrets for staying so youthful, you will have to persuade Michael to share some too. You both look incredible.