Jeff Brazier ‘Jack Tweed will not see my sons again!’

Jeff Brazier has revealed that Jack Tweed will never be allowed to spend time with his sons again, no matter how much he pleads in the media.

Jack lived with Bobby, six and Freddie, five, when he was married to their mother Jade Goody but since she passed away and custody was passed to their dad Jeff Brazier, he has seen them only a handful of times.

After being released from prison, where he served time due to an assault charge and being cleared of recent rape charges, Tweed has claimed that he is keen to get re-involved in the boys lives but Jeff is having none of it.

The News Of The World report that he told a friend:

“I have to do what’s right for my boys. It doesn’t matter what happened in court.

“I made my decision a long time ago that Jack should NOT be part of their lives in any way. He made virtually no effort to see them before any of his problems over the rape trial. He saw them just a handful of times.

“I don’t trust the idea he’s going to be able to keep himself out of trouble long enough. But anyway, the boys haven’t seen him for so long now, it would be weird for him to walk back into their lives all of a sudden.”

Jeff is also said to be angry that Jack made his appeal to see the boys via a newspaper interview and not directly to him.

He reportedly told the friend: “It speaks volumes that he hasn’t spoken to me directly about it when he’s had time to do other things like go on holiday.”

We think Jeff Brazier really is a super dad! We wouldn’t let Jack Tweed near our young ‘uns either!

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