Justin Bieber’s poor abandoned Monkey moves to a zoo

justin bieber monkey1

Justin Bieber’s pet monkey has started it’s new life in a German zoo.

The cute little animal was confiscated from the ‘Baby’ hitmaker earlier this year, as he made his way through the customs area of Munich airport.

Bieber didn’t have permission or the right paperwork to have the monkey in the country and the animal was seized, pending Justin applying for the right documents.

However the primate never saw it’s owner again because officials later confirmed that they didn’t hear from the young star about his pet’s future, despite several attempts to contact the singer.

Mally was quarantined for months following the incident but it’s been confirmed that the monkey has now been moved from a holding unit in Munich to the Serengeti Park zoo in Hodenhagen.

justin bieber monkey

Park manager Fabrizio Sepe said: “Mally is a clever little guy and we’re confident that he will settle in quickly.”

Bieber has moved on from the whole issue apparently and he’s made no comment on the matter since Mally was seized.

He’s still busy with his world ‘Believe’ tour and he tweeted last night saying:

justin bieber

“the BAY AREA always goes hard. see everyone real soon. @jonmchu is the family coming? #BELIEVEtour San Jose tonight!”

Earlier in the week, Justin posted:

“Los Angeles went hard tonight! Wish there was a day 3! San Jose tomorrow! @jonmchu is coming. #BelieveTour”

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