Katie Price vows to unearth the Facebook hacker who criticized her builders!

katie price

There’s rather bizarre news from the Katie Price camp today as it’s been reported that someone hacked into her Facebook account in order to criticize the builders who’ve been working on her house!

Apparently, the hacker wrote as though he/she were Katie, saying, “I am really upset and disappointed that I gave you the project of doing my new house and there are loads of things that aren’t finished and falling to bits.

“It is embarrassing when people come to the house and slag off the work.”

The Mirror adds, “The ex-model – whose £2million six-bed home has just been refurbished – has begun a witchhunt to find the hacker who logged on to her account to post the bizarre rant against one of her builders.”

An unnamed source cattily told the Sunday People, “You could tell it wasn’t Katie as the grammar and punctuation was near perfect.”

Apparently, the faux rant was posted onto the contractor’s Facebook wall, so I would guess – though I’m no Miss Marple – that one might begin sleuthing among that company’s competitors…

katie price's house


Here’s a clip of Katie showing off her plush pad…

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