Kelly Osbourne reveals she has to keep her hair purple for TWO YEARS or risk getting the sack from The Fashion Police!

kelly osbourne

There comes a moment in every girl’s life when she looks at her latest hairdo and thinks, ‘Nah, this has to go…’

And more than likely, recidivist hair experimenter Kelly Osbourne – who is of course the daughter of former and possibly returning X Factor judge Sharon – probably has those moments too. However, she’s revealed today that like it or not, she’s stuck with her purple tinted hair for at least the next two years!

Kelly of course co-presents The Fashion Police on US network, E! and while revealing to E! News that she’d love to dye her locks green – as you do – she confessed that she can’t as per her contract with the show.

She said, “I’m contracted to this hair colour. I can’t change it for two years.

“I wanted to go green, but was told I wouldn’t be able to work anymore.’”

However, luckily, Kelly’s happy with her hair colour and loves being labeled the “queen of the granny girls.”

kelly osbourne

STV reports that she explained, “In England, I’m called queen of the granny girls and I love it!

“My hair is a mix of gray, blue [and] lavender.

“It’s hard to get this colour; you have to have blond hair to get the right shade.’”

Fashion lover Kelly also revealed that she has a number of Chanel hangbags at home, but she never takes the precious objects outside.

She revealed, “I have Chanel handbags and I never wear them. I never wear them.

“I make music videos in my apartment with them. I don’t want to ruin them.

“They make me happy.”

I feel the same about cakes.

Here’s a reminder of Kelly on Fashion Police…

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