Let’s Dance For Comic Relief 2013: Olivia Lee goes Lady Gaga with ‘Bad Romance’ (VIDEO)

olivia lee let's dance

Olivia Lee made her dance debut on Let’s Dance For Comic Relief this evening and what a debut it was.

The comedienne is best known for starring in sketch and prank shows on Channel 4 such as Dirty Sexy Funny, Balls of Steel and Naughty Bits but tonight she was shaking her own bits for all she was worth on the charity dance show.

We were pretty excited about her performance this evening, as just before the show began Lee tweeted:

“Grooving & gurning in my dressing room…IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN…soon..6.50pm BBC1 @comicrelief ‘let’s dance’ IM READY (I think!!!) ahhhhh! X”

olivia lee 1

It sounded pretty promising, until she admitted in her pre performance VT that she can’t actually dance.

For someone with very little natural rhythm or talent the funny woman didn’t do a bad job of acting like crazy Lady Gaga and performing to her hit song ‘Bad Romance.’

She may not have been an accomplished dancer, but the blonde beauty really did rock those skimpy outfits very well. Males viewers will have been pleased. The meat dress, with a sausage eating dog was a great twist.

Bradley Walsh thought the act was ‘brilliant’, ‘great’ and thought it could have been Lady Gaga herself. Mel tried to give a good critique, but was overshadowed by a loudly barking dog named George, while Tameka Epson (after she’d finished running away from the pooch) admitted it was ‘really good.’

Did you enjoy Olivia’s performance tonight? Leave your comments below….

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