Let’s Dance For Comic Relief 2013 results: Who won? Antony Cotton!


Let’s Dance For Comic Relief moved into it’s final episode tonight and boy was it a good episode.

Jodie Prenger gave her best manly performance of ‘Word Up,’ Antony Cotton tapped his little feet off, Tim Vine showed off his trouser snake, The Soap Stars proved that they could dress like fat people and men and hold our attention for 2 minutes, Katherine Ryan was more Nicki Minaj than the American Idol judge herself and Lee Nelson teamed up with some Britain’s Got Talent stars to mix a ballet routine with some crazy hip hop.

After performances from Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, Alex and Steve Jones returned to the stage to reveal which act had impressed more than all the others and who had won the highest amount of votes.

They first confirmed that Lee Nelson and The Soap Stars fared the worst and were first to be eliminated. Katherine and her HUGE booty followed them off stage next.

tim vine let's dance

Bookies had tipped Tim Vine as second most likely to win, but he didn’t pull it off this evening and he was fourth to be sent home.

That left Jodie and Antony as the final two contestants and after a long and supposedly suspense filled pause, Alex finally revealed that Antony had won.

Jodie took the news well and said the experience was ‘amazing.’


Cotton added:

“I am speechless and I want to thank everyone that voted, as it was a real honour and a thrill for me and I haven’t danced since I was a kid so I really loved it.”

Did you agree with tonight’s result? Leave your comments below….

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