Maddy Ford: ‘Peter Andre liked me to be rough in bed’

Former page three girl Maddy Ford has sold her story to a tabloid newspaper and told all about her secret sex sessions with Peter Andre. Despite claiming to have remained celibate since his split from Katie Price, Peter Andre reportedly enjoyed numerous romps with the blonde stylist and even gave her a piece of jewelery to remember him by.

Denying Katie Price’s claims that Peter was rubbish in bed and has a small willy, Maddy told The News Of The World:

“Pete blew me away in bed.”

“Every second I was with him, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

“His body was incredible and he was so affectionate. I know Jordan once claimed his manhood was the size of an acorn but that is categorically not true. Peter was perfect in every way.

“But he always liked to be the submissive one. I always wanted him to take charge but he preferred it when I did. He liked me to be rough with him.”

Maddy claims that she used to meet Pete for sex sessions at a mutual friends house but admits that he never stayed the whole night.

“He would never stay the entire night and always left around midnight, after we’d had sex,” said Maddy.

“Most of the time, he was very tender and loving – but he did also like some rough and tumble and role play.

“When we were in bed, he always kept his D&G diamante dog tags on – and I’d love grabbing them and rubbing them all over his body. Eventually he gave them to me and said, ‘Think of me whenever you wear them’. I wore them every day for a whole month because they smelled of him and his aftershave.

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