Made In Chelsea: Francis Boulle says he is more “enthusiastic” about the show this series!

Made In Chelsea star, Francis Boulle has admitted that he is ”more enthusiastic” about this series than he was when the reality show first started.

Boulle, who insists that he only took part in the hot E4 reality show initially to promote his own company, revealed that he actually now enjoys being in the show, and finds the process of making it “fun”.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Boulle admitted: ”To be perfectly honest with you I never really had any desire to be famous. I didn’t get into ‘Made in Chelsea’ for that reason.

”It was more, I saw an opportunity to promote the company which I just set up and it’s providing that and now I find the process very fun. I also enjoy doing interviews because I get to set the record straight.

”It is fun. I’ve become more au fait with the process and I’m probably more enthusiastic about it now than I was at the beginning, particularly now that the show is going to the States and airing over there.”

With regards to his old friend, and former co-star, Hugo Taylor appearing on this year’s I’m A Celebrity, Boulle went on to say that he would not be following in his footsteps, adding:

”I would never do any reality shows. Absolutely not. 100 per cent not. I don’t really want to be a celebrity.”

Watch Hugo’s I’m A Celeb intro interview in the clip below:

Made In Chelsea can be seen Mondays at 10pm on E4.

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