Made In Chelsea: Hugo Taylor says show would implode without Spencer Matthews and thinks Andy Jordan is a moron!

by Anna Howell


Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews hasn’t been getting very good press lately, but according to his best pal and former co-star, Hugo Taylor, the show would be nothing without him.

Since last year alone Spenny has stolen Louise Thompson, his best friend, Jamie Laing’s girlfriend, before dumping her a few weeks later to take part in the Channel 5 reality dating show The Bachelor, before dumping the winning girl he chose, Khloe Green, for Thompson again.

He was then exposed as a cheat during last year’s Christmas special, and slapped round the face for his efforts by Louise’s pal Millie Mackintosh.

Since the start of the current series he has been exposed as cheating twice again, once in Thompsons own bed, before finishing with her with some of the most vile and cruel words we have ever heard, before moving on to, let’s face, his female equivalent, man-eater Lucy Watson.


But whilst the star, who even Jonathan Ross branded an a***hole, insists that he is just playing at being a villain, no one seems to think that a suitable excuse – apart from Hugo it would seem.

Former I’m A Celebrity contestant Hugo, who appeared in the first three series of Made In Chelsea, has opened up about his best pal’s behaviour to OK! magazine, saying:

“Spencer is my best friend and I love him. It’s difficult because if it was a girl who was getting the abuse he’s getting, then it would be different.

“He was very well aware that people wouldn’t absolutely love him, but I think without him the whole show would implode. He’s extremely honest about the bad things he’s done and it takes a real man to do that.”


However, that is not to say he totally team Spenny as he insists he really likes Spencer’s ex, Louise Thompson, explaining:

“I love Louise, she’s always been a really good friend to me and [my girlfriend] Natalie. I think relationships are very difficult and if you are on a show like Made in Chelsea, it’s 100 times more difficult.”


However, despite this display of love for Louise, he isn’t too keen on her new fella, Andy Jordan:

“To be honest, I think the guy is a complete moron!”


Made In Chelsea continues on Monday night at 10pm on E4 – If you missed last week’s episode then catch up below: