Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson and Andy Jordan spotted looking rather cosy at event!

by Anna Howell

It would seem that Spencer Matthews perhaps wasn’t being paranoid after all, as reports of his girlfriend, Louise Thompson, and his love rival from  last series Andy Jordan, have emerged of them looking rather cosy, alone together at an event.

Fans of the E4 show will know how last series, newcomer Andy Jordan joined the cast of Chelsea in a whirlwind of controversy and drama as he made obvious advances towards Spencer Matthews girlfriend Louise Thompson.

Obviously, Spencer Matthews did not take too kindly to this, and the two alpha males continued to butt heads, horns locked, for most of the series.

Things took a serious turn for the worst when, after being asked directly by Spencer Matthews if he was trying to “bang his girlfriend” in front of him, Andy Jordan confessed that this was indeed the case.

However, the situation had seemed to calm down some between the two reality stars towards the end of the series after Andy Jordan made a play for newcomer Lucy Watson, who promptly  dumped him, followed by a one-night-stand with show original Binky Felstead, who he then dumped just as quickly.

However, whilst Andy was off sowing his wild Chelsea oats, all was not well between Spencer and Louise, who seemed much more comfortable with Andy’s advances than she should have.

The end of series 4 saw a very angry Millie Mackintosh slapping Spencer Matthews in the face, after being told by friend and co-star Francis Boulle that Spencer had been sleeping with someone behind Louise’s back.

At the time Spenny strenuously denied the allegations, claiming he was so angry at being accused he was physically shaking, however on the Made In Chelsea series finale wrap party, broadcast on New Year’s Eve hosted by Rick Edwards, it was revealed that after the cameras stop rolling Spencer had admitted to cheating on Louise, but she had forgiven him and they were trying to move on.

So, perhaps this is the new development is Louise is form of punishment, considering how she had previously declared on the hit E4 reality show that she would never give Spencer a second chance if it ever came to light that he cheated on her.

We wonder how Spenny will feel hearing these reports of his girlfriend Louise snuggling up in a corner with Jordan at the Shop To The Beat event with Panasonic headphones in London last night.

According to Entertainmentwise, an inside their claims to have seen Jordan and Louise practically joined at the hip most of the evening, during which the likes of Pixie Lott and stylist Grace Woodward were attending whilst George Lamb entertained all on the decks.

Still, it won’t be long till we see what Spencer’s reaction to this rather unusual PDA between his girlfriend and her not so secret admirer Andy Jordan is, as we confirmed earlier today that series 5 of Made In Chelsea is due to return to our screens next month.

Watch a clip of the cast explaining the seven deadly sins the last series below: