Made In Chelsea Series 5: Sophia Sassoon has gone, Spencer Matthews has it out with Francis Boulle and Jamie Laing gets caught in his underwear by his ‘piggy bank’! (REVIEW)

by Anna Howell


So, last night was the night that all Made In Chelsea fans had been waiting for – the series 5 premier, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The episode started with a huge party being thrown by Jamie Laing in his hotel room, involving strip poker, bath tubs full of champagne and, at one point, a naked Jamie Laing!

However, the scene was not so pretty the next morning as we watched Jamie stagger out of bed wearing nothing but a pair of underpants and an over-sized fur coat, making him look like a 1970’s pimp, to answer the front door to the guardian of his pocket money, or his piggy bank as we like to call him!

Jamie sat looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights as his financial advisor told him how he had worked with Oscar winners who spent less on their lavish lifestyle than Jamie, as well as pointing out that his current hotel bar bill and room rate was totalling around £3000 a night!

Jamie assured him that all would be sorted when he, Proudlock and Francis Boulle moved into their flat together the following week, but that lead to all sorts of dramas of its own.

As fans will know, at the end of the last series it was decided that Jamie, Proudlock, Francis and Spencer would all move in together. This was, of course, before Francis informed Millie and Rosie of Spencer’s infidelity which lead to that slap during the Christmas special.

Spencer Matthews Made In Chelsea

Things are still far from OK between Spencer and Francis, or Spencer and Millie for that matter too. Having spent most of the episode bitching about him, Spencer finally got Francis to one side where he told him in no uncertain terms what he thought of him (he really meant business too, he didn’t call him mate once, not even through gritted teeth).

Francis didn’t seem too bothered, but it left Jamie and Proudlock in rather a pickle, especially when Spencer very maturely told them they had to pick between him and Francis, not just as roommates, but as friends too, apparently you can’t have more than one in Chelsea!

It certainly didn’t seem like Spencer was expecting the answer he got, which was that they were going to go ahead and move in with Francis as planned, which seemed to put him out no end, even though Proudlock tried to smooth things over by saying it was because they didn’t want any drama with his girlfriend Louise Thompson!

Anyway, Francis, Proudlock and Jamie all met at the estate agents to sign the papers, despite a very desperate looking Spenny turning up to try and convince them not to.


Meanwhile, Spencer was the least of Francis’ worries as he revealed to Louise that after the Christmas special which saw him and Sophia Sassoon walking off to the sunset together, she had subsequently decided that she wasn’t sure about the relationship and quit the show.

Francis decided to respond to this by trying his luck with Ashleigh, the girl he dropped like a hot potato the second Sophia showed an interest, but was left looking stunned when she revealed that she is actually now in a relationship with the self-confessed sexually-confused Ollie Locke – go figure!

Elsewhere and Louise decided that denial was the best approach to the whole Spencer cheating thing seeing as she had forgiven him and taken him back. Unfortunately, Millie and Rosie’s memories were much better as they pointed out that they no longer respected her, would not be there for her where Spencer was concerned and that they wouldn’t blame Spencer if he cheated on her again. She cried.


Then, to make matters even worse, whilst explaining the whole situation to Spencer over dinner, Lucy Watson came over to their table to inform Thompson how Spencer had called her up asking for a date the day after they had broken up. She cried some more, she threw a napkin at his head, he stormed off.

Meanwhile, there was a rather noticeable absence from Cheska Hull! Binky Felstead broached the subject to her apparent new BFF Lucy Watson, saying how she felt that they had grown apart, but apart from her name appearing to announce a scene at the flat she shares with Ollie, Cheska was nowhere to be seen all episode!

So, there you have it! We simply can’t wait till next week, which promises more drama and a skiing trip, how about you?

The new series of Made In Chelsea starts continues on Monday night at 10pm on E4; watch the promo trailer for it in the clip below: