MTV planning gay version of Jersey Shore ‘Under The Boardwalk’?

MTV are said to be planning a new reality TV venture based on their hit show Jersey Shore. The big difference? All the stars of the new show will be gay!

The people that introduced the world to the guidos and guidettes that you know and love from are now looking for lipstick lesbians and glamorous gays to brighten up their new series and have already announced audition dates for next month. The show will reportedly be titled ‘Under The Boardwalk.’

Try-outs will being held February 5 at Club In Or Out in Hammonton, New Jersey and Erica McLelland thinks she could be just what the producers are looking for.

In the video below she boasts:

“I’m like a Snooki but a gay version which is 20 times worse”

“I’m a lipstick lesbian and we are all crazy jealous. If I’m living in a house with someone like me, there’s going to be a problem!”

The pilot will shoot this spring in Atlantic City, and, if the show gets picked up, ten cast members will live in a house in either Atlantic City, Ventnor, or Margate.

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4 Responses to “MTV planning gay version of Jersey Shore ‘Under The Boardwalk’?”

  1. angellia says:

    I sooo wanna be on this show!!! Can u tell me how to sign up and how old I have to be!!

  2. aaron says:


  3. Joshua says:

    I must audition! Where else would they have auditions?! Just in New Jersey?!

  4. THEY’RE BACK! UPDATE: CLUB IN OR OUT: SATURDAY, MARCH 5TH! THE PRODUCERS OF, “UNDER THE BOARDWALK” will be back here to hold the “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING CONTEST”. $100 cash prize and they will be FILMING you! Also, IF YOU DID NOT, already AUDITION, you can do so that day! DOORS OPEN AT 4PM, get here early to interview, because the CONTEST STARTS AT 7PM. 21+ ONLY. INTERVIEWS WILL BE FROM 4PM-7PM. GET HERE EARLY!!!!